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Money and career horoscope for the week from May 6th to May 12th, 2019 – unpredictable mood can lead to great loses!

This week we have to prepare ourselves for difficulties and possible problems. The beginning of the week will take place on the complex aspect of the semi-square of Mercury to Neptune, and this threatens with deceptions, mistakes and monetary losses. Then Venus will enter into a similar configuration with Jupiter and Pluto: the mood will become scandalous, the actions – aggressive, and the result – unpredictable. It will not be easy to pave the way to material success, but, fortunately, the Universe did not leave us without prompts.

Representatives of these 5 Zodiac signs will be lucky in this May

Luck and lady Fortune is something we wish for every day. In May 2019, representatives of these 5 Zodiac signs will have luck by their side. But don’t get upset if you find out you are not amongst them. You should check your natal chart, and probably a different planet is in one of these signs. That means, lady Fortune will not forget about you too.

Financial horoscope for May 2019: use this time to solve problems!

The key to success this month is commitment. The influence of the restless Mercury, which will change its energy three times in May, will be important. For many people, this will allow them to find the root of all evil and solve material problems, others will have less luck. It is known that as an antagonist, Mercury is always ready to pick up luck. Self-confidence and organization will help neutralize the negative impact of the planet.

Horoscope for May 2019: stay positive!

In May, Mars will move to the constellation of Cancer. Usually, this combination is perceived as gloomy, although this is only partly true. The symbiosis of Mars and Cancer awakens the dark sides of the personality, but you need to understand that this is more about secret, incomprehensible powers of the soul. One way or another, life in May will be a little more complicated than usual, therefore many people will start to feel dissatisfaction, confusion, and to feel ill at ease.