Numerological prognosis for May 2018

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In May, the world will be governed by the number 8. The eight is a symbol of luck for all who have the willpower, is able to quickly make the right decisions and is not afraid of responsibility.

In May, there will be no winners and losers. More precisely, they will only be if people do not want to change. Change the fate and go beyond the possible is not so difficult. Do not try to accept yourself now. Do not compromise with yourself.

Finance, business and work in May

Eight is great for helping people in their work and finances. It can fill your shortcomings, and can aggravate them, expand them. Absolutely everything will depend only on your fighting spirit. You just need to take yours if you want it. If you are very tired, then it’s worth the proper rest. For those who have worked well in the past, May can help to relax.

It is worth noting that in May the Eight will help you see the fruits of your past labors. This is the time of retribution, the time of payment of bills. It follows that it is better to sort out personal debts as soon as possible. Also, numerologists recommend to finish the business started, because the Eight does not accept unfinished work.

In principle, the number 8 does not oblige you in May to engage in one thing. If your flight of thought does not stop, then do not try. Try to excel in creativity or apply non-standard thinking in practice. Listen to your heart and your body, because in case of overwork you will need urgent rest. Do not work on wear and tear in May. Increase your efficiency with the help of intuition

Love and relationships in May

The last month of spring for amorous things will not suit everyone. If you feel that it’s time to break free from the clutches of solitude, then do not sit still and do not wait for someone to pay attention to you. Luck will smile at you if you make some effort on yourself. If you are constantly getting to know people, but you are not lucky, it is better to let other people choose you. Otherwise, sitting in place is not worth waiting for a miracle.

If you have long been in a relationship, it’s time to bring a note of unusualness to them. A non-standard date will renew love and allow you to drown in romance and positive. If you are often apart, it is worth spending as much time together as possible in May of this year.

Pay special attention to what your relationship is not enough, and what is in abundance. This applies not only to love, but also friendship. May will be incredibly useful for creating business relations of any scale. Relations between people on the basis of mutual exchange will be the most positive and the most profitable in terms of energy costs.

Mood and health

Eight on the mood does not affect almost nothing. Eight can only require you to have a good mood, so do not be discouraged. Look only forward or rest from endless wars and strife. Do not be afraid to do what your body and your soul require. Do not let the events and people around you manage your destiny and life.

Direct yourself with intuition, if necessary. The sixth sense will not be exacerbated, but to dismiss it completely simply does not make any sense in such a difficult period of time. As for health issues, the Eight does not regulate this area either. It only requires replenishment of energy reserves from people or burning of excess fuel in our gasoline tanks. This is all good news for those who know how to properly prioritize and understand their body, their minds.

Do not miss your opportunities in May 2018. Let life be the key, and luck accompanies you. Do not ruin your plans if you have built them for a long time. 2018 Yellow Dog promises to be productive. The Eight will come to the rescue of those of you who have not been able to find motivation for work or rest so far.

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