Never write to your ex

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It is very important not to get involved with the ex after breaking up. But although we know that this is wise advice, only a few of us manage to refrain from posting ex.

Here you have a few reminders to cope with this temptation:

1. Your relationship is not in vain.

Maybe now you have good memories, and all the bad things that happened do not seem so bad. But as soon as you sleep with him again, everything will come back again. So do not write to him. Save yourself from the inevitable regrets.

2. He does not deserve to know that you are still suffering over it.

When he looks at his phone and sees your message, he will immediately decide: “She wants me.” Do you really want to give him such pleasure? Remember what he did to you, and do not let him win.

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3. On that day, when you realize that you do not care for him, you will feel incredible.

After breaking up, you may think that he is the only one with whom you could imagine yourself. But soon you will think about how you could have met him. And when this day comes, you will feel free. So put off the phone and let it happen. The faster, the sooner you will meet a love that will really make you happy.

4. Find answers for why you broke up – this is torture.

When someone says that he needs to put the dot on the i, then the person is not sure that everything is over. Do you really need to talk to him to break up a second time? You already know that it’s over. Just suffer a little more until the moment number 3. You are almost there.

5. To write to him is to belittle your attractiveness.

While you are not in touch, he does not know what you are doing, what you are thinking about. He may think that you have already forgotten him, which makes you more desirable. But when you write to him, you immediately destroy this illusion.

6. He is not the best you can have.

When you write to the former, in spite of everything that you went through because of him, you make it clear that you do not deserve the best. In fact, no! There are many worthy men, and the sooner you forget about the former, the sooner you will meet the new.

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