Myths about astrology

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Astrology as science has long entered our lives. Many do not imagine a day without a daily horoscope, and someone regularly turns to astrologers. One way or another, we know little about this science, and, accordingly, our minds give rise to delusions that simply need to be dispelled!

1. Astrology is quackery.

And this is quite possible if an unprofessional and incompetent astrologer offers his services. However, even this fact does not give reason to think that astrology is a hoax. There are scammers everywhere and in all professions. After all, you don’t think that, for example, medicine is quackery?

2. The ability to astrology is granted by the Almighty.

Given that astrology has long been considered a science, there is no longer any reason to think so. Knowledge is not given as a gift from the Higher powers. Professional astrologers have been studying the principles of this science for a long time, then to apply their knowledge in practice.

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3. Astrology is fortune-telling.

Professional astrologers do not guess but make predictions for the future. However, even astrological forecasts should not be called fortune telling, since otherworldly force and magic were not involved in the compilation of horoscopes, maps, and cosmograms. This is a science, which means that all calculations are made purely mathematical way.

4. The astrologer’s forecast will come true with a 100% guarantee.

No one can give an exact guarantee: no doctor, no lawyer, no military strategist. In the world, everything is updated, changing, moving. An ordinary person can not quickly adapt to external internal changes. However, people tend to believe that predictions and forecasts come true, thereby they put in a position of inaction, not trying to change anything.

5. You can not divide people into only 12 zodiac signs.

Many cannot understand why it is customary to divide all of humanity into a dozen? If we compare astrology with psychology, then in the second science people can be divided into a smaller number of psychotypes. For example, among people, there are extroverts and introverts. In astrology, human psychotypes are more developed.

6. Astrology is a sin.

As you know, the church does not approve of this science, considering it an atavism of pagan culture. However, the Bible prohibits only divination, and as described above, astrology is not fortune telling, but an exact miscalculation, not based on the occult sciences.

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7. Planets and stars are so far from the Earth that their influence on people is simply impossible.

The Earth is a part of the Universe, and therefore all who inhabit it are also involved in the general process of growth, change, and destruction of everything. Scientists have long been proving the connection between the movement of stars and events occurring with humanity. Everything happens in parallel. If any planet moved a certain distance, then this will affect both a separate group of people and humanity as a whole.

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