Money signs that will make you rich

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On the one hand, money is just paper. However, from ancient times money was endowed with a special magical meaning. Today, many astrologers and psychics are ready for everyone to hold a rite to attract wealth, and again… for the money. Is it possible to conjure yourself a financial success? You can if you know the signs and rituals that have come down to us in the form of folk sayings and signs.

We all know a popular saying: a penny saved is a penny earned.

Our ancestors were sure that money attracted money. How can this folk wisdom be put into practice? You just need to always follow the contents of your wallet. Even after big purchases, at least a penny should remain in it! When putting winter items in a closet, you can put a coin or a bill in your clothing pocket. Thus, the money will attract financial luck.

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Money loves to be counted!

This does not mean that they need to be counted daily. It is, of course, necessary to count them, but it is also necessary to record expenses and incomes. Who would have thought that the concept of “home accounting” is rooted in folk wisdom!

The more you give, the more you will receive.

You can’t argue with that either. Money loves movement. Therefore, you should not always keep them under an iron lock. Not for nothing that many great economists said that it is necessary to give every month 20% of their income to charity. Money needs to be invested, then income will certainly grow several times.

In addition to these popular wise sayings, there is an old sign, according to which a wallet with money should be put at night by the window with the rising Moon.

Here the question of astrology already arises. The effect of the Moon on man has been proven for a long time. Can the Moon affect money? Rather, not on the bills themselves, but on the subconscious of a person who believes in this popular sign. Naturally, in the morning there is no money increase in the wallet, however, the process of performing this ritual itself affects the human subconscious.

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There is another sign that says that if you give a loan to a poor person, this will lead you to ruin.

Our ancestors explained this by the fact that when the debtor repays your debt, then through the money is transferred its energy of failure and financial distress. Many psychics are sure that money is an excellent conductor of energy, so after contact with money you must wash your hands.

Astrology also has its own pattern of wealth, based on zodiac signs.

In the astrological calendar, there are constellations that are destined to always be with money. Among the rich, there are many representatives of the constellation Virgo. These people have a practical approach to business, hard work, and an analytical mindset. This zodiac sign has all the qualities that help to gain financial independence. In addition to the Virgo, the richest signs of the zodiac are Aries, Aquarius, and Scorpio. That’s all the magic of money!

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