Money and career horoscope for week from September 16th to 22nd, 2019

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Whit Saturn changing its movement, it is a very great time to organize and start going for action towards your goals. 


This week your patron Mars is in Virgo, so it calls to practical action. It means you will be full of confidence. Your work-ability will be noticed by your boss and co-workers, so in this case, try to be less critical about your colleagues, who are still not at your level of expertise. Your mind with fresh ideas will help you to gain new career heights. Also, this week, you can start your own business, about which you have dreamed for a long time.

Mars will be in conjunction with Sun till September 19th, which will give you a great boost of energy and luck since booth are full of fiery passion. Sun will give you the necessary leadership skills and creativity, so it means, people will be willing to listen to what you have to say. It will be easy for you to create beautiful speech and inspire others. Also, until Thursday it will be easier for you to obtain your goals.

Also, your other patron, retrograde Pluto, will be in trine with Mars, and until September 19th will be in trine with Sun. You will shine as a leader who gives a new breath to the old and recreates so that the modern world can accept it.

You might feel some fear, and doubts about your worth, because of Mars being in a square with Jupiter. So my advice to you is to overcome everything that keeps you stagnate, and go ahead, not looking back because you are worthy.

The same goes for toxic, negative people, who will activate because of Mars being in opposition with Neptune. Ignore people who envy you, and try to dim your light. If you will put your foot down, you will succeed.


This week you will feel like thinking more about love than work. So the reason for your cloud gazing will be Venus in Libra.

On September 22nd Venus will be in a square with Moon and Saturn. It may create a feeling that you need to punish yourself for not being able to focus on your work tasks. But try not to be so harsh on your self, everybody needs some relaxation and love.

On September 20th and 21st Moon will be in Gemini. So these two days you will be able to think in a rational way. And, maybe even create some new and good habits. You will be able to focus on your everyday job, as well, create new business contacts.

But be careful, keep your emotions in a calm place! On Saturday some people might try to get out of you your worst traits. They also might try to create confusion, as well as, make up false gossips about you. Because of Moon in a square with Mars and retrograde Neptune, your emotional stability will be tested.

On September 18th you might feel more fanatical about your work and get new creative ideas. As well as, your intuition will help you to make good decision thanks to Moon in sextile with retrograde Neptune.


Even though this week is all about romance, still you might feel drawn more to your job or some side hustle. Don’t worry, Mercury in Libra, with conjunction to Venus will help you to be diplomatic. Whether you have to work in a group or to speak with your boss, your communication skills will be on top. You will have the ability to balance your tasks and do everything on time.

In order to gain some materialistic goods, you might be going on a business-related trip or you will need to raise your skill level. Because on September 21st and 22nd, Mercury will be in a sextile with Jupiter.

From Friday to Sunday Mercury will be in a square with Saturn. So this means that you will need to force yourself to go for your goals. Your inner voice will be in the procrastination mode.


Moon will be in Aries, and in trine with Jupiter on Monday, so it will be easy for you to achieve your financial goals. It will ask you to find new ways of earning or maybe to start a new career or change company you work for.

Moon in Taurus from Tuesday to Thursday. These three days will be perfect for you to roll up your sleeves and dive into work.

On September 18th Moon will be in a sextile with retrograde Neptune, and trine with Saturn. The energy of retrograde Neptune will help you to approach your work in a creative way. Also, you might become more fanatical about your job. Saturn will help you plan out work-related questions, as well as, administrate your workday.

On  Sunday Moon will be in a sextile with retrograde Uranus, so it might bring you some new revolutionary ideas which you did not accept previously.

On September 21st Moon will be in opposition with Jupiter, so my advice is to keep your money in check. There might be some people who might try to manipulate you, in other to get financial gain from you.

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This week you will be in a working mood. The energy from Sun in Virgo will help you find a practical use for your ideas. It will allow you to use your creativity to gain the financial stability you need.

Sun in conjunction with Mars till September 19th will help you to be more confident and be a leader in any work situation. Only don’t let yourself to become a tyrant. If you are working in a group or you have subordinates, try also to listen to what they have to say. This will show you as a good leader.

From Monday to Thursday there might arise moments when you will think that you shouldn’t have spent money on certain things. Don’t forget to learn from these regrets, and this week don’t spend money on things you actually don’t need.


Till the end of the week, Sun is in your sign. So this will allow you to shine with your practicality and specialty for details. You should use your analytical mind to move up through the career stairs. It is time for you to become a leader in the company you work, or to become your own boss. The Sun will give you enough boost to start something new. maybe it is time to change your career.

Mercury in sextile with Jupiter on September 21st and 22nd. Don’t be afraid to grow and be bigger than life. You should use these two days to go after your financial independence. Maybe it is time for you to finish university or another school if you haven’t. these to days new knowledge will be very vital for you.

From Friday till Sunday Mercury will be in a square with Saturn. This means that you should stop thinking about yourself as somebody who does not deserve to be big and have a great impact on the world. It is time for you to stop doubting your abilities. Stopping this limiting mindset will allow you to be truly successful.


For you, this week love will be in the air, and mostly you will be busy with having second spring. But still, that doesn’t mean you can’t work. Yes, Venus is in your sign, but also it is in conjunction with Mercury. So this means you can be friendly and charismatic when it comes to your business partners or colleagues. You will be able to balance out every work-related problem.

On Sunday Venus in a square with Saturn, will put you before choosing. So it might be that you feel like spending your time with family, but there might arise an opportunity to get a large amount of money. But it means you have to choose to work.


Retrograde Pluto is in Capricorn, this is the time for you to rethink your ways of earning money. Possibly, you might have to find a way how to do a certain job differently, since the usual doesn’t work. You will be thinking about other ways, how to improve your prestige.

Retrograde Pluto will be all week in trine with Mars, and in trine with Sun till September 19th. So these two aspects will give you enough energy to go for your goals. You will be able to find a new way and be a leader in what you do.

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Business and work-wise this is a great time except for some minor issues. Jupiter in your sign will give you great luck in closing some very good business deals. It will be easy for you to work with your colleagues, the communication between you and them will help you to grow and show that you are a great team player.

On September 21st and 22nd, you might feel on top of your game. Since Jupiter is in sextile with Mercury, you won’t need great efforts to get the promotion you want or to sell some of your ideas for great price.

Try to overcome your doubts, do not make rash decisions in financial matters. Jupiter in square wit retrograde Neptune will replay you some situations in which you were not that successful as you wished. And because Jupiter is also in a square with Mars, you might have a lack of confidence in yourself. You need to learn from your past mistakes and stop procrastinating yourself from taking the necessary steps to your goals.


The week will start with retrograde Saturn and after Wednesday it will keep going with direct Saturn, booth in your sign. First two day you should use to rethink your old ways of getting successful at your job. You should take away what worked and find new ways for what didn’t work. Also, becoming smarter and learning from your past will give you the necessary confidence boost. With this will help the energy from retrograde Saturn in trine with Mars.

After September 18th you should take action and start to climb the ladder of success. You will feel that you are the owner of your life and time and if you want you can get everything.

From September 18th Saturn will be in a sextile with retrograde Neptune. This will bring you desire to work more and dive deeper into your professional success.


It is great time to use your practical skills in a unique way. Retrograde Uranus is in Taurus this week. It will be a good time to try to think of ways how to create a stable life. Possibly you should think about ways how to work for yourself.

You should try to get booth your legs on the ground. It is time to understand that you should start materializing your inventions in reality.


Workwise, you will be busy with only dreaming. Retrograde Neptune in your sign will push you deep into the world of illusions. Be careful, not everything is as it seams. While being dreamy, try to write down some ideas for later.

Retrograde Neptune in a square with Jupiter, it will be hard to think about work-related problems since laziness will push you back in the bed. At this time you are held back only by your own thoughts and fear of other people. success awaits you!

Retrograde Neptune in opposition with Mars, warns you about envious colleagues or people in your circle. the might think that you don’t deserve what you have. so they will try to push you down from your pedestal. They will try to play with your mindset.

Retrograde Neptune in sextile with Saturn means you have to pull yourself together and start organizing your life. Stop dreaming and start acting.

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