Money and career horoscope for the week from May 6th to May 12th, 2019 – unpredictable mood can lead to great loses!

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This week we have to prepare ourselves for difficulties and possible problems. The beginning of the week will take place on the complex aspect of the semi-square of Mercury to Neptune, and this threatens with deceptions, mistakes and monetary losses. Then Venus will enter into a similar configuration with Jupiter and Pluto: the mood will become scandalous, the actions – aggressive, and the result – unpredictable. It will not be easy to pave the way to material success, but, fortunately, the Universe did not leave us without prompts.


The situation in the money for you this week is ambiguous. On the one hand, there are good chances to advance in a career due to penetration enhanced by the Sun. On the other hand, it is undesirable to take up new affairs without having enough experience. Its absence can push into a familiar vicious circle, heightening vulnerability. This week is a good time to think about future plans, reducing the number of expenses.


Uranus, Mercury and the Sun is in the constellation of Taurus. This suggests that the time has come to deepen and expand knowledge about methods of earning. It will also be a good period for specialized professional training and discussion of relevant issues with colleagues. The energy of the planets goes against the inertia. Therefore, for quick financial success, you will need to work, and not enjoy the passing effect of past victories.

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You will face the negative and powerful influence of the dual aspect of Mercury, which will negatively affect the energy and emotional background. This is not the best time to make financial decisions. First of all, it concerns any purchases and investments. Make a list and try to buy only the most urgent and necessary things. Otherwise, you can spend money for nothing by buying unnecessary or defective goods.

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From May 8th to 10th, the Moon will be in your, which means its impact will fully affect you. From Wednesday to Saturday, thanks to the powerful support of the patron saint, you can find a way out of the maze of monetary problems, while it will be possible to avoid serious risks and obvious damage. You should pay attention to any trifle: in everyday matters, a hint will be hidden.


The beginning of May offers you a difficult path to wealth, running through the search for your place in life. Patronage over energy will completely shift to Pluto, which is now in the retro phase. You should be giving preference to familiar affairs, refraining from personal undertakings and adventures. It is important to restrain your emotional reactions. The more routine the work is, the more successful the week will be.


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This week you are advised to keep track of money days. From May 6th to 12th, financial luck will go into your hands on its own, since Mercury will rule it. Patron will stay all week in the Sign of Taurus, while maintaining moderate activity. And its complicated aspect on May 8th promise you only things going up: on this day, you can exchange currency, buy goods or buy lottery tickets. The most important thing is not to cross the line of the law. If you act openly and boldly, then you will be able to succeed in business.

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The active planet will be Venus – the energy assistant and your mentor in everything. Intuition will not fail, with the exception of, perhaps, the environment: a complex aspect will bring confusion in affairs. On other days, Venus will remain in Aries, while maintaining a tiny fraction of its power. However, this does not prevent the desire to get rich and increase money. Good luck will be on your side, and the efforts made by the end of the week will bear fruitfull.


The planets are determined at your expense. The coming week may be a test of opportunity. The priority theme will be complete independence and financial independence. Success in work will be based on the strength of mind and readiness for decisive action. This will be an excellent period for working shifts, adjustments to the schedule or costs. You might think about how to increase cash receipts. However, the authorities are unlikely to achieve mutual understanding.


You will be able to come close to the goal since the active Sun in Taurus will take control in their hands. In general, the week promises to go well, but on some days errors are possible, bordering on losses. Such days will come on May 8th, 9th, and 11th. This is not the best time for shopping, financial affairs, opening accounts and changing jobs.

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Enhanced Saturn in the retro phase will force you to think purposefully and specifically, to assess risks and apply past experience in solving current problems. This is a good time to attract money  and for large purchases. The money that will be invested in a just cause will pay off a hundredfold. By the end of the working week, you will be able to increase your income. In many ways, this will be achieved through the use of past experience.


You should preferably devote the current week to solving all financial issues. This should include getting rid of debts, and loans. Tuesday and Saturday are marked by the negative aspects of Saturn to Venus and the Sun. Outbreaks of negativity these days can easily introduce barriers to material life. Try not to make sudden decisions under the influence of emotions. Muting emotional impulses, you can hear the voice of intuition and find a way out of this situation.

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This week, the cash flows will be managed by Venus weakened in Aries, then drawing money, then pushing it away with all its might. Special attention deserves May 9th and 10th. The complex aspects of Venus will adversely affect monetary borrowing and credit purchases. It is undesirable to solve the problem of lack of money by getting into new debts, where it is better to reconsider your expenses.

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