Money and career horoscope for the week from May 20th to 26th, 2019

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If you have ideas, bright initiatives or a desire to make money, you can begin to implement plans. For workaholics and all those who have accumulated business, there comes a great period. The week is suitable for business life, especially Tuesday when Mercury goes into the Gemini Sign, and the Sun will be in a favorable aspect with Neptune. Do not be shy about taking the initiative, to contact your superiors, and also to take up labor-intensive tasks.


Some events may slightly confuse you this week. You should be more careful in words and deeds, especially on May 21st – there is a risk of trouble and loss caused by rash emotional reactions. The remaining days will be associated with a high level of efficiency and effectiveness. It is not forbidden to take work at home and overshadow other areas of life.


The accumulation of planets in the Sign of Taurus indicates success in any business and the chosen direction. Stars do not so often indulge in such moments, so you should take advantage of this and take a week to labor exploits. Special success will bring affairs that require care and commitment. Ideas can find practical implementation. There comes a great time for projects, the manifestation of your talents, competitive activities.


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Mercury in Gemini indicates that the week is suitable for loud statements about yourself, interviews, self-promotion, pushing your ideas. Habitual duties should be brought to automatism in order to have time to prepare the ground for future success. It is very important to ensure a comfortable working environment. Those, who have an additional source of income, and those who can close the debts, will succeed.

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Excellent week for you, whose work is connected with creativity. Business activity and a creative look at familiar things will bring promotion, increase in salary, open up new horizons. The main thing is not to be lazy but to work, rolling up our sleeves. Dealing with current affairs, try to simultaneously consider new projects and proposals. Despite the difficult deadlocks caused by the aspect of Venus on May 21st, it will turn out well.


The Sun opens up promising opportunities for you: if you do everything correctly, in this week you can manage to solve all the important tasks, achieve your intended goal, and increase your income. All you need to do is work with full efficiency, and it’s best to start on Monday. Try to prepare for action, not being sprayed on trifles and not being distracted by extra spending.

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You this week will be able to find a job or start a business that fully meets not only your needs but also your nature. If the dream job has not yet been found, starting on Tuesday – it’s time to search. On May 21st, Mercury will enter Gemini, giving a chance to break new ground in business and career development. It will be a good time for making financial decisions that can drastically change your life.

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Under the influence of Venus, a planet that is also responsible for money, you will have a chance to find a cause that will satisfy you not only morally, but also financially. However, the support of the patron will bring ambiguous success: on the one hand,  financial breakthrough, on the other – aggravation of family relations. You’ll have to look for a compromise and not be afraid of risky initiatives. Stars will provide a chance to make a profitable investment, and a fundamental decision about this will need to be made at the beginning of the week.


For you, it is not the most brilliant week in terms of career and earnings. Patron Mars resides in Cancer and temporarily recedes into the shadows, leaving you without energy nourishment. Try to forget about envy and enjoy other people’s success. It is important to understand that positive emotions charge us, and negative ones take away strength. Accordingly, sincerely rejoicing at the person who has given his life, you can multiply your chances of success and wealth even without the help of a heavenly patron.


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Jupiter on May 20th, 21st and 25th will be supported by the energetics of the money planets, which will give you success in the work field. Promotion, successful interview, a new job with a higher salary, opportunities for quick money, easy money – all this is real. You should try to take advantage of these dates for your career. Current tasks on other days will proceed with varying success. It is worth concentrating on the important, not building up too ambitious plans. Measured work will be much more profitable.

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For you this week, it is important to show maximum zeal and hard work. Mercury, rolling on Gemini on Tuesday, will open up excellent opportunities for earning and increasing income. Try to be bolder and not seek solutions to complex issues somewhere outside. All the necessary information is inside, it is important to find it in the depths of consciousness. Only an inner voice will answer questions about how to succeed in life, and whether it will be possible to get material satisfaction from current work.


This week, thanks to Mercury, in your life will enter a strip of luck that will last more than one week. For success in career and money, the stars propose to increase your influence and value at work without competition and aggression, but gently and tactfully. Now it is best to drop out of the race for money and set goals. It is very important to understand what you really want to get from life. The correct answer will give yourself inspiration and desire to go forward.


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You should use this week to negotiate and find your place in life. If Venus does not awaken ambitions, you can invest in the sphere of relations – this is the best strategy for the current days. The patron will bring success in money if you control the situation and keep to the chosen course. Otherwise, the week is unfavorable for business life, major purchases, risks, and lending. Victory in one thing and omissions in something else are fraught with tension and petty troubles with money.

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