Money and career horoscope for October 7th to 13th, 2019

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This week, the starry sky is decorated with complex combinations that will turn the next seven days into a kaleidoscope of events. Mid-October is marked by the activity of Mercury and Venus in the Sign of Scorpio. This is a serious bias towards fuss, intrigue, intuitive solutions, conflicts, and upheavals.


The activation of Jupiter this week will open up new paths for you. In order to pave the way to success and new prospects, you will need to get rid of negative attitudes, other people’s opinions, and outdated ideas. Conservative solutions and methods will lose groundbreaking. It is advisable to look for opportunities where obstacles interfere.


From Tuesday to Friday, energy restructuring is expected, which will affect the financial sector: Venus will leave Libra and enter Scorpio. Urgent affairs, deadlines, hot orders, unpaid bills on time, breakdowns can burst into your life and make you nervous. Anxiety and irritability only repel luck, so it is important to maintain a positive outlook on things and benefit from past experiences.


You are faster than all other Signs to adapt to new circumstances and will be able to benefit from any situation. Mercury in Scorpio will bring financial changes: the authorities will be ready to raise your salaries or an additional source of income will appear. It is advisable for you to use this chance competently and not to program yourself for poverty.

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The activity of Jupiter will awaken inspiration and desire in you to radically change your life starting from work and financial opportunities. Also, it is advisable for you to stay away this week from important decisions and major purchases, so that you can understand your thoughts and events, which may turn out to be unexpected. Jupiter is capable of confusing with unpredictability.


Mars and the Sun meet in Libra, new challenges and opportunities are next in turn. You should focus on your goals and think over prospects in order to go on the offensive in the middle of the week and take some concrete steps towards career achievements. A small amount in reserve, as well as a backup plan, will help you to feel more confident.

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Mercury in Scorpio, which means that you have a stable situation both in career and in business. Try to put in order thoughts and documents, sorting out rubble at work and saying goodbye to habits that attract poverty. All of this will help lay the foundation for future achievements.

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The transition of Venus to Scorpio can bring you perspectives and several interesting projects at once. New work or offers are expected from those who get rid of financial problems and reorganize the financial sector. Moreover, the streamlining of organizational and working moments will be excellent in mid-October.


Venus and Mercury entered the constellation Scorpio, so this week your life will change dramatically: new circumstances and chances will appear to fulfill your desire. The rest of the week is more suitable for relaxation than for work, especially when it comes to vacations.


Although no special events are expected, the general background may seem negative and boring. It’s better not to plan anything for this week, except for routine work and bright rest. There is a chance to lose interest, to miss something and suffer losses. A good thing this week is getting rid of things that attract poverty.

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Mercury has aspects with Uranus and Pluto, which is why you will want to assert yourself and show off in society, but this is not worth it. If important meetings, negotiations, and meetings are scheduled, you should be more attentive and restrained: there is a risk of conflict due to great conceit.


Active Saturn will bring you monetary success: management will celebrate your work, and colleagues will begin to respect even more. True, for success you will have to work at full capacity and resist temptations. But the week will be interesting, eventful and full of new experience.


Your dreams run the risk of facing the cruel truth of life. Try to treat this as an opportunity to adjust the course and recount the budget. On Thursday, when the double aspect of Neptune to the Sun and Venus takes place, you must definitely listen to intuition.

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