Money and career horoscope for October 28th to November 3rd, 2019

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Money and career horoscope tells it is time to bring to a logical conclusion the affairs conceived for the autumn period. Such persistence will help many people to attract money faster because Fortune in 2019 loves purposeful people.


At the junction of two months, it is important for you to filter everything that you hear from others. Valuable advice and practical recommendations will help you, and unreasonable criticism can undermine your self-confidence and indirectly affect your financial situation. It is important for you to believe in yourself – then money will be attracted literally by the power of thought. Although without hard work, of course, you can not do it. The risky day is Friday: at this time, the Sun, your patron saint, will be in a weak position.


For you shines generally calm period, without shocks, but also without dizzying take-offs. Weekends can be devoted to shopping and changing your environment: purchase new things for your wardrobe, furniture or accessories. Also, the spending that you will make to attract or strengthen love, for example, a table reservation in a restaurant, will have a positive effect on life.

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This week try to think not about accumulations, but about what hinders your success. Before you attract wealth to your house, you should get rid of everything that prevents you from getting rich. So, old, broken things can block the energy flows in your house, and even the favorably located heavenly bodies can do nothing: after all, your comfort is in your hands. It is possible that you should start the new month with a general cleaning – then the finance will come to order.

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You will also be recovering within your own walls: minor troubles await you at work and in money. Fortunately, it will do without serious incidents, and you can protect yourself from ordinary problems. Try to strengthen your faith in your own strengths, be more persistent, look around so that a profitable business or monetary position does not pass you. At the moment of transition – October 31st and November 1st – Jupiter will be in aspects with the Moon and the Sun, which promises for you expansion of social ties and useful contacts.


You will have to complete the work you have begun this week and, possibly, help someone out with money. It is better to lend feasible amounts, so as not to get into trouble yourself. November 1st, it is important that your vanity or pride does not lead you to hopeless and wasteful spending: you should definitely not start the month with them. Making decisions is better, guided by logical arguments.

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Be aware of false advisers, energy beggars and lovers, who complain: you should not take every word for it when it comes to money. Charity will benefit you, but only if it becomes meaningful. Thursday – the day of the aspect of Mercury with Venus – can bring contradictions between the monetary and love spheres of life. You will have to correctly prioritize.

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For you, November will begin with bold projects and ambitious financial plans. No need to be modest: to moderate appetites, you will always have time, at the start it is better to immediately declare oneself. In such a period, even significant and large expenses are good if they work for future victories. Thursday is a day of increased risk when betting too much is reckless. Saturday is a day of pleasant shopping and the beginning of a new phase of life.


Try to act and not wait for the weather to become better near the sea: you can’t wait for a happy event if your competitors grab all the profitable offers and the money goes by. It is important to be more attentive to your wallet, monitor the status of accounts, and avoid delays in payments. Attention to detail is important for maintaining financial stability.

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For you, it is advisable to take a break, evaluate your achievements, and think about further plans. It may not hurt professional development or a change of position, and it is necessary to acquire additional skills in order to become a more sought-after specialist. Be that as it may, you should not rush immediately to courses or to your superiors for promotion: this week was given to you for a reboot.

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In monetary matters, for you may unexpectedly come in handy not reason, but intuition. It is worth listening to it not only at meetings, but even in stores, buying things and thinking, it’s time to make a purchase, or it will not bring luck, and it is better to wait a bit. In career matters, your talents will come to the rescue: your best qualities simply need to be used to their full potential.


The boundary between the months will be a turning point for you. On Tuesday, Neptune will be in an aspect with Mars – this means that there is a struggle ahead for a place in the Sun, a change of scenery, new achievements, but also inevitable obstacles. It is important for you not to succumb to emotional blackmail, to believe in yourself, not to spend money on addictions or bad habits. You can shop for the future and thus build confidence in the future.


The life course can change for you and in an unexpected way. For example, a long-time acquaintance may suggest a well-paid position or social networks will throw up a promising vacancy. You need to look around, not be afraid of offers and interviews before shopping – compare reviews and price tags. The last day of October will be the starting point of the new financial period.

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