Money and career horoscope for October 21st to 27th, 2019

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The best deal with finances will be for those who are self-confident and not afraid of temporary obstacles. In order to find peace and not give in to difficulties, it is important to take care of good sleep, the right way of life, since it is in a healthy body that a healthy mind lives.


Important financial issues for you are best addressed in the early days of the week. Iron must be forged while it is hot – further, the energy of the celestial bodies will weaken, and you may lose your fortune. Especially dangerous are decisions made impulsively, in a rush. On Wednesday, the energy of the Sun will change, which will go into the constellation Scorpio. It will be more difficult for you to manage finances until the adaptation to the new astrological position is over.


This week you should work on your inner world and self-discipline. Endurance is your strengths, it will help in making decisions. It’s better to plan your purchases in advance, not giving in to momentary desires. Favorable decisions will be related to the house, as well as to the wardrobe: perhaps you will want to update your coats or shoes and prepare for winter in advance.


For you it is better on a weekend to go shopping: it’s possible to spend time usefully and choose the necessary goods without haste and in a good mood. Items purchased at this time can become happy talismans, in addition, it is possible that you will buy a thing with a good discount and high quality. But on weekdays, it is worthwhile to devote time to work, rather than shopping at lunchtime or ordering via the Internet.

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Adverse days for you in the week of October 21st to 27th are Tuesday and Wednesday. At this time, it is better not to plan important business meetings and major acquisitions. But what if the plans can no longer be changed? The main thing is not to panic. For you will come in handy meditations to relieve stress, anxiety, and fatigue, which will help to pull yourself together. All dates, numbers, expenses and arrangements are best recorded in a notebook. So you will be able to avoid misfires and uncomfortable disagreements.


Wait until Wednesday and only then act: storm the career heights, buy or resell things, go for interviews. Many circumstances in the middle of the week can change dramatically, and it is difficult to predict for the better or for the worse. Flexibility and willingness to change according to external requirements – traits that are very useful to you to make up for losses or increase prosperity.


You can expect a relaxed and even week. You will be able to thoroughly and without too much haste to deal with expenses, to distribute debts or make useful acquisitions, to deal with hanging working issues. Consistency and attention to detail will do you good service. But it’s time to leave the negative in the past: you should get rid of phrases that destroy your energy and stop criticizing yourself, your decisions and the size of your budget.

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Friday and Saturday threaten to become difficult days for you. But it is in your power to change the reality around you. Some matters related to finances should be postponed to the middle of the week or, on the contrary, to Sunday. Work tasks also do not need to be saved and postponed until the last working day. The fewer risk factors there are, the better. Aspects of the heavenly bodies on Sunday are conducive to relaxation and shopping associated with the restoration of strength.


This week, you will purposefully move towards new achievements in the monetary sphere. Mindfulness, however, will not hurt you. You should not leave your wallet, expensive gadgets or bank cards unattended in crowded places. In addition, active actions aimed at achieving prosperity, it is important to alternate with rest, otherwise, you can be exhausted at the end of the week and spoil your weekend plans.


If you want to succeed in your career, get an increase or a new position, you should put all your charm into action, show your best qualities and talents and do not be afraid of responsible tasks. A real prospect of success will appear before you. But overly loud conversations about future achievements threaten to harm the cause. You don’t need to tell everyone about your plans and boast about the results that have not yet been achieved. Happiness this week loves silence.

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The location of the stars is such that many of you may not even really notice how this week flies by plunging headlong into routine business matters, sorting out bills or purchases that it’s time to make. It’s okay. Attention to detail will help you not to suffer losses. On Sunday, take some pleasant purchases for recovery, especially since the combination of Saturn, the Sun and Mars has a positive effect on your state of affairs.


The second half of October promises useful contacts for you. Do not underestimate the importance of business communication. Now it is through social interconnections that one can find promising work, get valuable advice, take note of other people’s experiences. However, October 27th is worth being on your guard: the Sun and Mars can deprive you of faith in yourself, and without it, it will not be possible to produce the desired impression.


You will have to abandon bad habits, whether it is a love of smoke breaks, being late for work or evening surfing on social networks instead of a good rest. You now have a priority in work and money, but you need to work not only on projects or instructions from your superiors, but also on yourself in order to realize your potential, and not miss all the chances of success due to momentary weaknesses.

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