Money and career horoscope for November 2019

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Money and career horoscope for November will tell how retrograde Mercury will change your life. What impact it will have on your career and financial situation. Money and career horoscope for November will show you how to avoid problems and get successful even in tough moments.


To plan significant changes in the financial sector, will be better for you the period after November 18th. The time until November 18th is designed to accelerate, take the working pace, complete the protracted projects, and plan further actions without haste. Awareness will lead to an increase in your prosperity. You have to plan your budget, analyze items of expenditure, control spending and be more attentive to money.


You can await a favorable month. You can change jobs, look for promising places or apply for a new position. Do not be afraid of changes: the financial inflow will bypass the side of the indecisive and fearful. A change of scenery will be good for you, and if suddenly self-doubt or a black streak prevents you from finding happiness, it is better to try a new one gradually – for example, arranging a “day of courage” once a week.


Mercury retrograde will bring difficulties to your financial sector: salaries and payments may be delayed, debtors decide not to rush to return the money. Therefore, you are encouraged to rely on yourself and not look back. If downtime cannot be avoided, you can use this pause to rest and recover. From November 20th, the situation will change, and it will be possible to count on changes in the monetary plan.

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Your money in November can be highly dependent on the environment. Toxic people can destroy your faith in yourself. Fans of giving out unsolicited advice or constantly borrowing and not returning money may arise on the horizon at the most inopportune time. It is important for you in November to form a circle of like-minded people in order to act together. Even on social networks, it’s better to read less negative: it has a detrimental effect on your bio-energy, especially in the fall, when you are all vulnerable a little more than usual.


In November, you will feel the desire to turn mountains, earn more, invest newfound finances and raise wealth. But it is important that all the motivation, as they say, does not fly into the pipe: autumn is a very insidious time of the year. Try to create a comfortable environment around yourself: more often do the cleaning, tidy up the workplace, get an application or notepad to control income and expenses. A conscious approach will help you connect dreams with reality.

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Your financial successes will depend little on you at the beginning of the month, but the second half of November will be completely in your hands. The first two weeks will not hurt a rest for you. You need to complete what you have begun. You can also make planned purchases, spend money on gifts and souvenirs. But after you have proved yourself in the best possible way, reveal your talents, do not abandon what you started in the middle of the path, even if the motivation has gone out. Less reflection and more work – this motto will help you to increase income.

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For you in November will come to the aid positive thinking. Without it, you will not succeed. Fortunately, the ability to think positively can be trained and developed, like any other skill. Spending is better for self-development or travel. It is advisable to beware of loans, and if the loan can not be avoided – carefully read the accompanying documentation.


You can make quite a few profitable purchases in November. You are related to the sphere of property, and it is a question of both real estate and, for example, a car. For some of you, this means repair in the apartment, and for someone, it’s the maintenance. Be that as it may, when buying and making money, it is important to remember about health and not sacrifice it for the sake of money.

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You in November will try to get the most out of any, even unprofitable, it would seem, situation. And this is the right approach: do not wait for wealth to fall into your hands. Fortunately, you yourself are able to attract money and get the location of Fortune. It will be in your plans and purchases. Many of you, completing the autumn period, will feel the desire to replenish new clothes in the winter wardrobe.

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For you, well-being depends on your strengths: competent planning, the ability to distribute finances, and hard work and activity. But you cannot overwork, otherwise all earnings will ultimately be spent on restoring strength and rest after labor feats and nervous breakdowns. Spending on health and emotional well-being cannot be considered redundant. No matter how strong you are, it is important for you to take care of yourself, and not just about filling up a wallet or bank account.


For you in November will be a period of calm. At this time, it is important not to aggravate the situation, not to take a ruinous loan by negligence, to be more careful in stores, so as not to purchase low-quality goods, or even forget a bank card. On November 27th, Neptune will come out of retrograde, and here you will unfold to its fullest. But until the end of the month, it’s better to save strength (and extra finance).


November is favorable for your financial situation, although from November 26th the position of the celestial bodies will become slightly less successful. Therefore, you will be better off earning, skillfully buying the right things, correctly managing the available funds, but all this – until the final week of November. When it comes, it is important for you to simply keep everything acquired in your positions.

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