Money and career horoscope for June 2019

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The coming summer, in contrast to the past, does not promise dramatic upheavals associated with bright astrological events. In June, the planets will create an even energy background, and only rarely will problems arise that require immediate resolution. In the business sphere, many Zodiac Signs will have a temporary lull when nothing prevents an increase in income. But still some astrological aspects will bring a note of instability, and it is desirable to know about them in advance.


Mars in Cancer sets you to a marathon, not a sprint. The pursuit of easy money can end in tears. Work will require huge energy costs and will not let you, even if you decide to go on vacation. From June 1st to June 20th, cases will require particularly active participation. That is why it is important to properly allocate working time and effort in order to “not get stung” at work. It is also necessary to prepare for the fact that throughout June there will be some obstacles that can be overcome with the right attitude. It is also useful when handling cash. Toward the end of the month, things will go better.


Saturn’s retrograde indicates that a temporary respite awaits you in June. Use it to strengthen your rear and credibility. From June 14th to 23th, you can easily find yourself in the power of illusions. Proper prioritization will save from unnecessary losses. The final week of the month is related to the prospects for revenue growth. At this time, you can not be afraid of initiatives and bold decisions, it is also useful to set aside money for larger purchases in the future.


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Revitalization of Mercury, who will visit three constellations in one month, will make you into the children of fortune. Try not to rest, but to work, because there will be more successful opportunities for career advancement and higher earnings than usual. One condition: to act better with soft power. Move to the goal this month, especially from June 4th to 26th, you need to smoothly and in stages, without too much pressure. It is especially important to be skeptical of information and to beware of people who earn by dishonest means: they can substitute or deceive.

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The month will begin with good news and continue under the influence of Venus from the constellation Gemini. On the one hand, sharp changes are contraindicated to you, on the other hand, it will be in June that you will be able to destroy the situation that prevents you from getting rich. If you are ready for bold initiatives, then from June 9th to 30th, you have the courage and strength to stop the losing streak. If everything suits, then the month is best devoted to routine affairs, without setting ambitious goals. The main thing is, to be honest with yourself.


June is an explosive month. Uranus in the career sector will pour into you a tense energy industry, which will push you to spontaneous and even rash decisions. It will be difficult for you to control your expenses, the money will start to move away from you at an enormous speed, a losing streak can begin. The advice for you is to think about every purchase. This will help you to stay cool and do only what brings success.


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Due to the active influence of Mercury, June will be quite favorable to express yourself and openly demonstrate your ambitions. This month, you will be especially persuasive, self-confident and very active. This will allow you to successfully start a new life. However, heightened suggestibility and emotionality from June 4th to 26th may prevent you from firmly adhering to the course taken. Opinion, like plans, influenced by Mercury in Cancer can change frequently. At the same time, you will be lucky when handling money and your own resources, which will save you from dubious adventures.

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In June, negative attitudes that prevent you from getting rich will gain a special power. So far, the Venus can offer you nothing but patience: from June 9th to 30th, the planet will be weakened in Gemini. You have to work hard and save money. The peak moment when nerves can give way to stress is from June 22th to 24th. Under the influence of aspects of Venus, you can be in a difficult and confusing situation. These days can be associated with feelings of insecurity, emotional devastation, and doubt. The main reason for this – the wrong attitude to money. Positive thinking will help to correct the situation.


In June, this will be the very moment when consistency is required in all matters. Due to general trends, the month will become something of a respite, a great time when you can do a minimum of work and get a maximum reward for it. However, it is possible that you will have to replace the leader, take on more responsibility, write important letters. Calculation and cunning is not a vice in June, so you can be used to achieve success.


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Jupiter, still in its retro phase, will prevent you from feeling safe in the financial sector. For a month, he will constantly throw up double situations, similar to those that had to be resolved in the past. This will remind walking in a circle. It is wiser to postpone expensive acquisitions until the next month, and in this, try to solve urgent problems. But thanks to Jupiter, you can rely on the help of intuition and look for a non-standard approach to complex cases.

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Saturn and Pluto, who are guests in the Capricorn Sign, move in the opposite direction, alternately engaging in long-lasting tense aspects. Because of this, it is not recommended for you to change jobs or open a business. While it is better to keep familiar shores and move at the usual pace. This month it is important to take care of maintaining financial stability, refraining from radical changes that will not bring the desired result.


Retro Saturn in Capricorn predicts fateful moments for you. June will be a time of great change, even if it seems that nothing special is happening. This month, it is advisable to take stock, plan and bring current work to automatism. All this will help create a smooth and harmonious background, thanks to which you will be able to change your life. Stars do not advise to take large loans. Firstly, in the period of retrograde Saturn, this is dangerous, and secondly, it will not work to solve your problems, you can only be aggravated with a credit. Living within your means is what Saturn calls for.


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


This month it is important not to get confused and not drown in your own fears and complexes. The main difficulty of this period is that Venus will stay for almost the entire month in Gemini, because of which you will receive a lot of false information. If from June 9th to June 30th there is an acute question about making an important decision, then you may make a mistake. Try to turn off emotions, act gently and slowly, remember that the current situation will not last long, you just need to wait a bit. Fortunately, Venus strengthens kinship and partnerships, which will allow you to count on real help and support from loved ones.

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