Money and career horoscope for December 2nd to 8th, 2019

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Money and career horoscope for December 2nd to 8th tells that the beginning of December will be held under the auspices of Mercury in Scorpio and Venus in Capricorn. Beware: it is possible that only honest people, good deeds and promising opportunities surround us. In fact, much of this will be an illusion, so caution is required.

Those wishing to thoroughly take up work can focus on finding additional income and raising money. But money and career horoscope for December 2nd to 8th tell that we must remember that the current position of the planets is more conducive to success in matters requiring perseverance and organization. But lovers to finish work in a hurry may not expect that they will be productive in the coming days. Let’s move on to the details.


Life is often surprising, so do not try to keep everything under control, especially you – the king of improvisation. This week, the Sun in Sagittarius calls not to act according to the scenario, but to start a new path, change the route or even life course. You should be more attentive to opportunities, not to refuse offers and interviews: someone or something will necessarily tell the way to success, pointing to a well-paid position and career growth.


In early December, success in business will largely depend on Mercury passing the Sign of Scorpio. This suggests that this week you can wait for an open or secret struggle, a change, of course, new victories, but also defeats. It is important not to succumb to negative emotions, to believe in your success, not to spend money on unnecessary things and bad habits. Also, try to distinguish between time for work and home. Now it is very important to separate these areas.


At work and in financial affairs, you will need an inner flair. Try to listen to oneself not only when signing contracts, but even in grocery stores. Under the auspices of Mercury in Scorpio, some important events will knock on the door. This may be taken aback by its unexpected appearance and the ensuing consequences.

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Stars advise to abandon fears and concerns. If something had to be done long ago, then this week is the time to start. The period of special good fortune was marked by Jupiter in Capricorn. However, a happy chance to change your life can be exchanged for trifles or even given to competitors. Attentiveness to details and a bit of determination will do their job, allowing you to finally get rid of the burden of outstanding tasks and gain stability in the money issue.


You should take a break in the business, analyze your achievements and opportunities, think over plans and pay attention to relatives, who will be very grateful for this. The Sun in Sagittarius signals that the time has come for advanced training, a change in life course or position. Be that as it may, rushing into the pool is not worth it: a week is given for rebooting and reflection.

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You will start December with ambitious plans. Mercury in Scorpio will give you confidence in yourself and determination in work. No need to stifle your appetites and give up success: this time is extremely favorable for career breakthroughs. This week, even significant and large investments will be successful if you work for future success.

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Beware of hypocritical advisers, energy traps and envious people. Someone will be plotting against you this week, but, fortunately, Venus in Capricorn will frustrate their plans and make them answer for everything. Nevertheless, exacerbating the situation with excessive trust and naivety is not worth it. It’s better not to take people’s word for it, especially when it comes to money. Decisiveness will be a plus, but only if it is meaningful and justified.


According to the financial forecast, in early December you should put things in order and, if possible, help out someone from the environment with money. Relatives and friends may need support, as well as help in various situations. To lend indefinitely is the best feasible amount, so as not to fall into the financial hole yourself. Most importantly, vanity and self-interest should not lead you to conflict and competition. You should definitely not start the month with struggle and negativity.

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It is better for you to wait a while with the beginnings. The Sun in Sagittarius will highlight important things that should be continued and brought to its logical conclusion. If you do not spray on illusions, plans, and adventures, a week is quite enough to finish everything you started. Otherwise, additional constraints and minor troubles will appear at work and in business. In order for the week to be productive and successful, you need to strengthen faith in your own strength and not turn off the intended path.

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The time has come to think not about accumulation, but about what prevents you from achieving success. The planet of happiness and money Venus will give you inspiration and innovative thinking, which means that it will be possible to answer the most difficult questions if you ask them in time. Viruses of consciousness and the energetic causes of poverty can block energy, and even favorably tuned heavenly patrons will not be able to break through this shield. Success is in your hands. You should begin the new month with the hygiene of consciousness – then the order will come in financial matters.


Jupiter in Capricorn warns you that you should never stop if you succeed in something. It is important to keep this line: this will certainly lead to big victories. However, this week it is not worth arranging a fight for a place in the Sun: events should develop steadily, without brute force and fuss. Let everything go as it should. Now is the very moment when it is possible and necessary to succumb to the flow.


This week Neptune himself will tackle your success and prosperity. With such an ally, you can not be afraid of anything: his powerful energy will be a good help to achieve the desired. Try setting bold goals, focusing on professional growth and financial success. It is important for you to believe in yourself – then luck, money, and change will be attracted by the power of thought. Although no counter efforts, of course, can not do.

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