Mistakes that rob a woman of her strength

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We always look at men and say, that they are the strong sex. But are they? Yes, physically they are, but when it comes to stress and emotions, women are just stronger. Probably that is one of the reasons why women live longer. As well as, pain endurance, and for that is quite a huge example: childbirth. Women are capable to endure such an enormous pain while the child struggles to come into this world. It is a wonderful moment, which proves, how strong a woman can be.

I’m not saying that men are not capable of enduring pain, but they turn out to be such big babies, even when they prick a finger, it is so painful that they search the comforting in their beloved woman’s arms. It is not bad that they show, they are hurt. Actually, it is sweet. And most of the women, love giving care and love to these wounded little boys, so they can get up and go out there to protect his beloved woman.

A woman is energetically stronger than a man 16 times – provided that she explores her strength. Probably this was the reason why women were considered to be housewives and kept at the house. And not because they would be weak and defenseless. Someone had to guard the warmth at home and create stability. Even now, it proves to be the greatest cornerstone of stability and strength for men, when they have a strong woman at home.

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A strong woman at home will keep everything in order, create warmth and the feeling that nowhere is so good as at home. A strong woman will give her man energy and relieve from his stress. A man who has a woman like that will never feel the need to look at another woman. Men are not stupid, but they are lazy in one they. If they are provided with everything they need at home, they will not search for it outside their domain, and they will not risk losing the stability they have.

If we look at chess, the queen is the strongest figure in the game, so it creates the understanding, that in this world women are the strongest, and they have the capability to rule even from shadows. Women often use smart ways into fooling man, it was their own choice. That is one way, how women use their power.

But nowadays, there are things that take away this power or completely blocks it.


Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Tight belly

One of the first problems lies in childhood. If you have heard the phrase “pull in the stomach” in your childhood, then you probably have a habit of keeping it “fit”. At the same time, the center of our life energy is blocked. Get used to relax your belly on each exhalation and maximize it while inhaling – this will not only give you strength but also relieve you from many diseases.

And here lies the second problem for tight belly – the need to look the same as men. We see all these fitness models and bodybuilders. That was started by men, and somehow it started to attract also women, who didn’t want to stay behind men. I’m not saying, that willing to be fit, in shape, and healthy is a bad thing. But that what is going on now, looking at women, I just start to get the question in my mind: “Why that woman looks more like a man? Why having a feminine body is so wrong?” So, now women try to get perfect tight ABS and pay for it by losing all their feminine energy.


Image by adamkontor from Pixabay

Looking down on men

I do not mean arrogance or pride – I think about the simple habit of looking. If you look a man in the eyes and then look down – you instinctively turn on the pattern of submission and shame. When meeting with men, first start by looking at their legs, and then, sliding along the body, lift it up to the point between the eyebrows. This will give you a special power that is yours by birth.

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The problem is that women are the ones, who always have ruled the world. We give life, therefore we should be respected and men should look up to us and adore because they wouldn’t be in this world if there wouldn’t have been a woman. You don’t have to feel ashamed to take the power in your hands, it is rightfully yours. If we look in the past, submission, shame, and fear were the way of men to oppress women. Because they were afraid of the power women have. Now it is your time to take back your control and power.


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Complaints about life

Remember: there is not a single place on the planet where you could complain. By this you, first of all, aggravate the situation, and secondly, you are programming a more miserable future. And let’s be honest, even you don’t want to listen to someone’s complaints about life, and you know how negatively it affects you. so why would you do that to someone else?

Satisfaction and self-esteem are your main friends. If you do not have these qualities, men will look at you as an object of use. So start by building your self-esteem and be happy about the little thing in your life. So you will create out of yourself a powerful woman, who is not afraid of facing her problems head-on. Yur future will look brighter, and you will program it full of happiness.

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