Meditation: the essence and meaning

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The term “meditation” is most often associated with a person who sits in complete solitude in the lotus position. What does he feel at the moment? What are your feelings? Why does he need it?

First, you need to understand the meaning and content of this activity. To meditate means to drop all emotions and thoughts and fully immerse yourself in your consciousness. As a rule, the concentration of your body and thoughts should focus on a particular subject. For example, it may be fire, music, ambient sounds or your own breath.

Meditation classes will help control your emotional state when necessary. In addition, meditation allows you to be aware of everything that happens in another way, influences the elimination of complexes, increases self-esteem. Occupations help to find a way not only to mental equilibrium but also to the proper organization of your day. Meditation also helps to gain energy and even contributes to the treatment of many diseases.

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Anyone can learn to meditate. The main thing is to understand for yourself why this is necessary and what results can be expected. Probably each of us ever fell into a trance for a few seconds. For example, looking out the window or listening to music. At this moment, without knowing it, we meditate: we feel nothing, do not hear, do not see. This happens unconsciously and, sometimes, not at the moment when such a state is necessary. How to fall into a meditative trance exactly when we ourselves want it?


Image by Pexels from Pixabay

From the first time, perhaps it will not work. Some people spend a lot of time to completely relax and immerse themselves in their consciousness. In order to assimilate the basic rules of meditation, it is necessary to take into account several important factors affecting the complete relaxation and withdrawal from the outside world.

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First, you need to find an object that will serve as a subject for concentration. It could be anything: a fly on the ceiling, a candle, and so on. The object may be internal: breathing or heartbeat.

Secondly, before being ready to enter your consciousness, it is necessary to determine the posture for meditation. The postures can be completely different: lying on your back, sitting, standing. The main thing when choosing a position is convenience.

Thirdly, meditation classes should be held in a place where you can fully concentrate and relax. For complete rejection from the outside world, all those places where you can get in the way should be excluded. Superfluous sounds, people, animals – all this can interfere with the concentration of attention.

After you can learn how to easily fall into a meditative state, it will be possible to move away from the outside world and focus on the object literally anywhere and anytime. Daily activities will help to find harmony with ourselves, with the outside world and with people.

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