Mask for hair growth.

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To restore hair and give them energy for active growth is not very simple! There is ton of beauty products from chap to expensive, which are promising  to restore your hair and make them grow faster. If you have tried out everything from market shelves, and it didn’t work, you can try out this.

Having a well-groomed chic hair, you will make a wonderful impression on others. The most remarkable thing about these two recipes is their incredible accessibility.

All the ingredients you can easily find in the kitchen! Go to find the right ingredients and do not be too lazy to make a mask for hair as soon as possible. The effect will be so noticeable that you will regularly improve the condition of your hair with this procedure.

Mask for hair growth
2 bananas
1 egg yolk
1 teaspoon lemon juice


Stir all the ingredients until smooth, apply a lot of mask in to your hair.
Wrap your head in a plastic bag, warm it with a towel or a cap.
After half an hour the mixture can be washed off, use a normal shampoo. You will get the impression that the hair on your head is twice as big.

PS! Very effective if you have dry hair. The egg yolk is a natural shampoo and scrub. Afterwards you can rinse your hair with camomile tea, instead of using a conditioner, since it will be more natural.

Mask for hair restoration
1 glass of orange juice
1 cup kefir


Mix the ingredients. Apply the mask, wrap your hair.This mask is also enough for only half an hour to actively affect the hair. After it wash out with normal shampoo.

If you apply these wonderful masks to your hair at least 2 times a week, you will get access to such hairstyles, which you did not even think of before.

Extremely simple, but so effective! Tell your friends about these great recipes.

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