Marriage and astrology: things that cannot be neglected!

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All marriages are made in heaven. Meetings are not accidental, however, as well as parting. There are reasons for everything that lies in heaven. Today, based on knowledge of astrology, you can learn not only about the compatibility of partners by the Zodiac sign but also many other aspects that help to build good relations between two loving people.

Resonant astrology will help to find out the compatibility of people according to the zodiac sign. Based on it, you can compare horoscopes and analyze the degree of compatibility of two people.

Astrology will help to identify periods that do not favor marriage. This information is also embedded in the church calendar, the basis of which is an astrological calendar. For example, weddings were not held during fasting and major church holidays.

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So, which days are favorable for marriage? As you know, every day of the week is governed by a particular planet. For example, the ruler of Tuesday is Mars. This planet adversely affects people who decide to tie the knot on this day. Spouses who get married on Tuesday doom themselves to constant quarrels and conflicts.

On Thursday, according to astrologers, they also fail to create a happy family. This day of the week is affected by Jupiter. The husband and wife will strive to take a leading position. In addition, the alliance concluded on Thursday risks falling apart due to betrayal and jealousy.

Marriages on Wednesday are also not the best option. The environment is controlled by Mercury, which makes the relationship between spouses cool and rational. However, if married people give each other more personal space, then the union may turn out to be successful.

Unhappiness in marriage portends a wedding on Saturday. This day is ruled by Saturn. Relations will be prudent and cruel.

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Monday’s wedding will make marriage relationships too emotional and sensitive. Because of the little things and changeable moods, the union can become a burden for two.

The best days for a wedding are Sunday and Friday. Venus, who runs Friday, is the patron saint of love and lovers. Relations in marriage will be harmonious and warm. Sunday is also a good day for a wedding ceremony. The Sun has a beneficial effect on spouses, makes the relationship in a couple bright and strong.

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An important factor is the days of the eclipse. There is a popular belief that the eclipse of the Moon and the Sun negatively affects a person. This is not a true statement. Eclipse day can be crucial in people’s lives. A couple tied up by marriage on this day must be fully confident in their decision, then the union will become fateful and bring happiness. In the days of an eclipse, you cannot act in a hurry and take risks, because everything done on this day takes on a special meaning and affects future life.

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