Lunar eclipse in July 2018

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This summer the Universe will present us with many surprises. On the 27th, there will be a Lunar eclipse that will affect all areas of life. The Lunar eclipse has less influence on people than the Solar eclipse, but caution should be shown to all.

Features of the Lunar eclipse July 27th, 2018

The lunar eclipse will occur in the Sign of Aquarius. This phenomenon will also coincide with the great confrontation between Mars and the Earth. During this period, representatives of all Zodiac Signs will feel their influence, especially Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius. July 27th can not exclude the possibility of scandals and disagreements, because the full Moon will resist the Sun in Leo. The main spheres that will affect this event are home, family, relationships and creativity.

Difficulties can arise in communication, so it is recommended to refrain from clarifying the relationship and spending the day in seclusion. Nervousness in the environment will depend on the negative impact of Mars, do not to indulge your weaknesses and closely follow the developments around you.

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Positive thinking will help you eliminate mistakes and failures, because the main thing on this day will be your attitude. Choose something that will benefit you, and then you can protect yourself from negativity.

What to Avoid During a Lunar Eclipse

Conflict situations during an eclipse can be a reason for a strong quarrel and bring people to a nervous breakdown. To succumb to provocation by aggressively minded individuals is not necessary, but to keep negative emotions in your self is harmful to health and general well-being. In the event that you are tense to the limit, meditate or use other ways to get rid of unnecessary emotions.

Poor companions on this day will be envy and resentment. Negative emotions will only aggravate your situation, not allowing you to relax and enjoy life. Before resenting and envying others, try to understand yourself and understand that you do not like in your own life.

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New beginnings, timed to eclipse, may be for you losing. On this day it is better to engage in routine work and not to risk, especially if you do not know what will be the outcome of the plan. The same goes for finance. Eliminate spontaneous waste, and also postpone expensive acquisitions if possible. So you minimize the risk of being deceived or buying defective things.

What is useful to do on July 27th

Many thoughts during the lunar eclipse can materialize. Choose a direction to improve the quality of life and follow the plan. The universe on July 27th will give everyone the opportunity to deal with the old problems and close the doors to the past. Fantasize and create.

Start fighting with your own negative, building good relationships with others. Do not give in to provocation and do not respond negatively to anger. Such tactics will help you get rid of selfishness and learn to listen to the opinion of relatives and colleagues. Find the strength in yourself not to be offended by trifles and stop communicating with those who really negatively affect you.

Strong emotions are dangerous, especially during the days of eclipses. July 27th is likely to burn emotionally, so it is important for everyone to find ways to get rid of everything that prevents to enjoy life. Start a course of physical exercises or take a favorite hobby to cheer yourself up.

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During the eclipse, health is threatened by many factors, so try to combat bad habits. Moon energy will help to get rid of unnecessary.

A lunar eclipse can be a great day for you to fight with uncertainty. Set yourself up in a positive way and do not let fears take over you. The universe will definitely help you cope with any negative, so do not be afraid to prove yourself.

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