Love horoscope for week from September 16th to 22nd, 2019

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Image by Sonam Prajapati from Pixabay

Many of you will be thinking about balancing your love with other things in your life. Some of you will be feeling like it is time to change their status or relationship situations.


Even though Mars is in Virgo, it might seem like a better week for thinking more about career and money. But we can’t live by being alone, at least for a long period of time. So this time is the best for planing your love life. As well as analyzing what did go wrong in past relationships, and how to improve your existing ones. Some of you may even come to the conclusion that you don’t feel love to your partner. But you are still together because it is comfortable, and now you feel like wanting to find a way out.

Still, you can flirt, and make new acquaintances. But because this week Mars is in opposition with retrograde Neptune, it means that some people might be lying to you or try to deceive you. So I am advising you to have your ears and eyes opened.

The same applies to those who are in relationships. You should be careful about your partner because he or she might not be truthful to you and hide some things. In some way, they actually might be trying to use you or stop you from gaining true happiness. The truth might come out that they are together with you only because of financial gain or some other perks and benefits.

However, on September 19th you will be emotionally satisfied because Mars will be in trine with Moon. So it means that it will be easier to communicate your feelings to other people. The energy from the Moon will shed light on your relationships. But on September 21st, you will have to overcome some inner doubts to fully gain success in relationships, or move towards your love interest. On this day the cause of your inner disbelief in whether the relationships can work, especially if they might be long-distance, will be Mars in a square with Moon.

Your other patron, retrograde Pluto is in sextile with retrograde Neptune. Which means that this week, your worst fears, doubts, and confusion will heighten your intuition. So it will force you to go through an eye-opening transformation. The illusion of your current relationship will fall. If you are single, you will understand what you should do to gain the relationship and the love of your life you want.


Venus is in Libra. If you are having quarrels, or you simply don’t know how to express your feelings, the energy this week will give you ideas on how to show your love, and how to make up.

Also all week in communication with your loved ones or finding new romantic relationships, will help the energy of Venus conjunction to Mercury. Mercury together with Venus will help you stay rational and charming not only with looks but also in words.

On Friday, you might need to consider some changes in your personal life! If you are still single, maybe it is time to think about finding your significant other. If you are already in relationships, maybe it is time for you to make the commitment. Or if the relationships are not going that well, maybe it is time to go separate ways. Venus trine to Moon on this day will help show your true emotions.

This week there will be three perfect days for you to create a stronger bond with your partner or to find your soul mate. On September 17th, 18th, and 19th the Moon will be in your sign. It will shine on your pathway leading you to emotional happiness.

Sunday you should try to control your emotional stability by finding time for yourself love since Moon will be in a square with Venus.


This week in your love life Fortune is smiling for you. Not only you are accepting from nature, but also, Mercury is in Libra and conjunction with Venus. So, this aspect creates a really fruitful week in your personal life. If you did upset a dear person to you, it will be easier to ask for forgiveness. As well, to forgive. Even though communication for you is natural but this week it will be easier for you to talk about your feeling in a much more deeper level.

Friday will be the perfect day for a date or a proposal since Mercury will be in trine with Moon. As well, it will allow you to show that you actually have feelings, and you are willing to create something more meaningful.

The energy all together will give you a much-needed boost in personal life. This is the time where you should stop and think, that maybe it is time for you to settle down.

Image by Couleur from Pixabay


From September 17th to 19th Moon will be in Taurus. So you might feel jealously if someone approaches your partner in a friendly way. The good thing would be for you to not overreact. As well, you might feel silently envious towards your friends if you don’t have that great personal life as they do.

The Moon in Gemini on Friday and Saturday will help you to get out of your shell and start a conversation with the person towards whom you have romantic feelings.

Moon in Cancer on Sunday will help you create the much needed romantic atmosphere, so you can talk with your soulmate about future plans.

Still, on September 16th you will get a vibe of something unfinished. It may be relationships that did hit the wall. Now they are creating an inside feeling. It makes you choose whether you keep this relationship going or go with your partner separate ways. Moon in a square with retrograde Pluto sending you a message to think about. If the only thing what is keeping you in this relationship is benefits or physical attraction, not an emotional connection, it is time to move on.

Moon in a square with Venus on Sunday will bring out similar feelings. You will be questioning the relationships you have. If you are still alone, you might be questioning even your looks. You should work on your inner beauty because this is what will keep the right person by your side.

On Friday Moon will be in trine with Venus, so use it wisely. On this day all the romance will come your way with ease. Go out to some art gallery, classical music concert, museum or theatre. These are the places you should look for someone special.


This week your partner and family might feel your absence, because of Sun in Virgo. You will be focusing all your energy on your career and money gains.

From September 16th to 19th Sun will be in trine with retrograde Pluto, there might be relationship situations coming into your life from the past. You should pay attention and resolve them. Try not to get stuck in your own ego.

You should use Thursday to go on dates or to give a new breath to your relationships because Sune will be in trine with Moon. This is the opportunity to show how much you love your soulmate and your family. If you are single, now is your time to show that you deserve someone who can appreciate you.


Mercury in Libra and in conjunction with Venus this week. Because of that, you will have to admit to yourself that you also need someone with whom to share true and deep emotions. Even though you might be busy at work, you should schedule in some dates with your soulmate or time to meet other people and find one.

Mercury in trine with Moon on Friday, so this is the day you might actually meet someone special. If you are already in relationships, this energy will bring you a way to understand your partner on a more deeper level. You might understand that it is time to commit to being together until death sets you apart.


Venus, your patron, is in your sign and in conjunction with Mercury. So this week, basically, love will flow out of your mouth. You will be caring towards everyone who is in your life. But be careful, since someone who just came in into your life might be mistaking your generosity and niceness as a hint. Especially, take that as a precaution if you are already in a relationship or simply want to be friends with this person.

Venus in trine with Moon on Friday sets the perfect day for showing how much you care about your loved ones. If you have a family, you should spend with them the whole afternoon. Play some table games or if the weather allows, go into nature. It is nice to sit at one dinner table with your family in the evening. also, that allows talking about how everyone feels. As well, you can use this day to go out with friends and flirt. Just be a charming person.


Since retrograde Pluto is in sextile with retrograde Neptune, you will be in a place of fear and being unable to trust. It might be that in the past your heart was broken. Now you feel like hiding, and not letting anyone in. On the horizon might be someone who is knocking on your door. If you will overcome your disbelief and fear, you will be greatly rewarded in terms of love. If you are already in relationships, you might be already going through a break-up. Something might come to the light, and you might understand that you are not with the right person.

On Monday retrograde Pluto will be in a square with Moon. You will be more in your head, thinking about every possible outcome in your relationships. As well, you will be putting on weights to understand, if your partner is the one with whom you want to create a family. Or maybe someone else suits better that job.

Thursday retrograde Pluto will be in trine with Moon. You should use this day to come clean about your feeling. It will be easier for you to express, how you feel about everything, to your partner. As well, your wishes to create your family life will be accepted easier., without a scandal.

Image by Vu Toan from Pixabay


Jupiter in your sign gives you great luck in love. You might get some gifts or you should give some to your family, showing them that you haven’t forgotten about them. As well, it would be nice to take your family on some trip.

Jupiter in trine with Moon on Monday will be a successful day in terms of your love life. On this day you can show your loved one your appreciation for them. If you are still alone and in search, you should not miss this day. Go to some cultural events or try to sign up for dancing classes. It is a great possibility for you to find your significant other in places where you can gain some useful information.

Saturday in terms of love life is not the best day. Jupiter in opposition with Moon means that where will be people who will stand in the way of your family happiness.


On Monday and Tuesday Saturn will be slowing down in retrograde motion, but after September 18th it starts a direct motion in your sign. This is the time when you might feel like you need someone who can take care of you. But if you are already in that kind of status, you might think that it is time for you to take care of someone else. Mostly in relationships will be mutual understanding and respect.

On the day when Saturn will start its direct movement, it will also be in trine with Moon. This is a perfect day to soften your stone heart and look for someone, who will be with you even when it is hard.

On Sunday you will be in conflict with yourself. Saturn in a square with Venus will put you before a choice: work or love. If you will manage to combine both of them, not only you will be emotionally happy, but also successful.


Retrograde Uranus is in Taurus, and it creates some unexpected jealousy towards your partner from time to time. Be careful because if you will suspect your loved one without a reason, you might end up in quarrels.

On Sunday retrograde Uranus will be in a sextile with Moon. Spend this day to push yourself to become a better partner. If you haven’t found your soulmate jet, this is the time to go and search for it.


Retrograde Neptune in your sign, this means you’ll be more engaged with your own dream world than the rest of the world. You will be more sensitive but you should try to take off tour pink glasses. Don’t put your illusions on someone else because no one in this world is perfect.

On Saturday you might face depression or just a sad mood. It might be because autumn has come but mostly it will be the fault of retrograde Neptune in a square with Moon. if you find the energy to overcome this, try to get out and socialize.

September 18th will be successful time for you to find someone who will understand your wishes and might feel the need for your compassion. If you already have your soulmate, it is time to listen more to his or her problems. Maybe you need to find a solution together.

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