Love horoscope for the week from May 6th to May 12th, 2019 – success awaits you!

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This week there is an opportune moment that can please you with success. Most of the time, the Moon will be in Cancer. This means our relationship will become deeper, more emotional, and warmer. Therefore, try to communicate more with your loved one, plan joint business – communication will bring many benefits.


For you, the guiding star will be the Sun in Taurus. The patron planet will remain stable, giving a start to success in love. However, in order to start a new stage, you will have to sort out your desires and motives. You should write down your plans for the month, and even better to make a wish, sending the request to the stars for what you want. This week, you are for sure to be heard.


In the constellation of Taurus at once will be the Sun and Mercury. This will help you to patch up heart wounds. Wednesday and Thursday are colored in negative tones due to the negative aspects of the Sun. These days, it is worth remembering about past victories and defeats, so as not to step on the same rake again. If you are single, this week is not the best time to look for a person just to fill the void in the soul.


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The week will begin with the Moon in your sign. For you, this is a good opportunity to start a new life with both the current and the new partner. You will help yourself if you approach this deliberately: you will allocate time for psychological training and work on the image. So you will have a chance to catch a fair wind and attract love much faster.

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Spending a week in the adjusted mode will not work – on May 8th, the Moon will enter the constellation of Cancer and stay there until May 10th. The inner voice will tell you how to act in this situation. The main thing is not to postpone decisions and actions due to modesty or indecision. For those of you who are single, it should be easier to deal with the difficulties in communicating with the opposite sex.


This week, Uranus and Neptune will strive to confuse you. To dispel their fog, you will need a determined and positive attitude. If there are hanging questions or matters related to personal life, it’s time to draw a line. By yielding to the negative and beginning to be cautious, you risk missing a chance that falls once in a lifetime.


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The activity of Venus on May 7th, 9th and 10th will increase emotionality, which will cause conflicts in a love union. The most annoying thing is that you can quarrel because of a trifle. For you, these dates are not the best time for excessive criticism of a partner. Try to slightly abandon the world with its worries and do something for your soulmate. Otherwise, you can lose confidence in your charm.

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This week will be ideal for reconciliation with your loved one or with someone who likes you. It is time to forgive insults, forget all bad things and boldly reach out. The beginning of the new lunar month is ideal for dating and planning a life together. From May 8th to 10th, try to connect the imagination – the stars will catch every thought and be ready to put it into practice.


The moon and Uranus will excite your imagination with vague plans and unclear desires. You should try to stay away from dubious suggestions and ambiguous hints. May 8th will be a difficult day because of the negative aspects. On Wednesday, fantasy can lead you far away from reality, complicating your relationship with passion. Some kind of mistake or lie can suddenly make itself felt.


The position of Jupiter indicates a quick positive change. You, who are in crisis, this week you can sit at the negotiating table – a compromise will be easier than usual. Stars will help in your personal life. In particular, this applies to dates and offers.

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This week you should try to show maximum self-control and tact. It is likely that due to increased sensitivity on May 8th to 10th, you will react painfully to the slightest criticism towards you. Even those of you, who are single, will overwhelm strong feelings. Wise stars have taken care that the relationship does not turn into a minefield, and advise you not to demand the impossible both from yourself and from your partner.


Venus, which is still in Aries, will become even weaker. It is not surprising if you succumb to the temptation and plunge into a mild depression. This week, however, the distemper must be resisted. Try to have a bold look at all the problems in a relationship and take a decisive step to fix them.


Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay


The new lunar month will replace the old one, which will take away bad memories. From Monday, you will have good wind, new thoughts and a reassessment of experience. It is time for action, both in love and in career. You will turn out to enjoy plenty of spring evenings and warm embraces of a loved one.

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