Love horoscope for the week from May 27th to June 2nd, 2019

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This week it is important not to conceal a grudge against each other, but to get rid of it. Otherwise, you can stay in this state for quite a long time. When spring turns into summer, energy changes, a new dynamic appears, which is primarily reflected in the sphere of love and relationships. However, sudden luck is too early to expect: Venus is in Taurus, and he, as we know, does not like improvisations. Do not rush to make hasty decisions: approach everything slowly.


Right from Monday try to tune in a serious way. Go on dates, look at all the offers, offer your help, support a partner, look for solutions to joint problems — somewhere in the midst of all this you can suddenly find a source of love. Those who are not yet ready to express themselves so actively are encouraged to comprehend the love letter, gaining experience for future victories.


The upcoming week is your time. Try to start fulfilling your desires regarding your personal life, because this will be the beginning of a bright line in life. Wednesday and Friday deserve special attention. Where will be an increase in charm and good luck on these dates and you are advised to take steps towards a partner – he (or she) will reciprocate.


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In the personal life of Gemini, there will be a temporary lull. The planets were grouped in Taurus to move to the constellation of Gemini next week. So, taking advantage of the moment, you can take a break from the gray days and gain strength. Try to enjoy romance as you used to: go to clubs, dine by candlelight, relax in nature – to each his own.

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You will be on the verge of discovery and change that is about to break into your daily life. Forecasts, events are coming that will require great activity and personal initiative. If you have plans for how to change your life  – you can implement them from Tuesday to Friday. At this time, Venus will help to embody the wildest desires.


You should not relax. The coming week will be connected not with harmony, but with work on relationships. If you have difficulty with the discussion of problems, you can try to hint or come from afar. The main thing – to convey your concerns about alarming problems. The lonely development of events in you can be unsettling, but there’s nothing to be done about it – the Sun is in Gemini, which means you need to prepare for ambiguous situations.


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This week, you will be close to becoming happier. The moon will share harmonious energy on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and on weekend, which means it’s time to plan a wedding, buy rings and book a hotel. If the sphere of love this week is irrelevant, then to invest your strength is best in work.

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A week of mysticism is waiting for you. Tune in to spiritual quest, knowledge of higher meanings: aspects of Venus with serious planets on May 28th, 29th, 31st, and June 1st will provide answers to long-standing questions. Any sacred knowledge will be in your hands. It will turn out to succeed in astrology, fortune telling, psychology and apply these tricks to gain love.


Mars is active in Cancer, which means you are at risk of wasting nerves on completely unnecessary disputes and being left without the support of a loved one. Try to be more careful in words and conclusions, and it is better to switch from suspicion to development. Here waits for much more pleasant emotions. Night dates, walk through the flowering streets, talk till morning, sunsets and sunrises are sheer romance.


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Love does not wait. The Sun entered the constellation of Gemini, which means that you will have to pay more attention to your partner. To tune in to this, it is necessary to declare war on selfishness in advance and decisively. Then the week will pass harmoniously, and there will be a reason to praise yourself for your efforts.

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Time is continuing, which can be called difficult because of Mars being in Cancer. Unusual emotionality, sensitivity and lack of sobriety in thoughts can often push to rash decisions and offensive words addressed to your soulmate. A temporary crisis, which, alas, happens to all, you need to go through with your head held high.


This week, your life will revolve around family matters or issues related to common money. Particularly sharp topics should not be raised, it is better to focus attention on achieving harmony in a pair. Loneliness in the period of enhanced Venus is contraindicated, so if there is no one around, it is necessary to plan time so as to meet someone and try to build something in common.


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Venus strengthened in Taurus, and the Moon, active this week, hint to you that the time has come to renew the romantic connections. The stars are very supportive of new acquaintances, love rituals, correspondence, calls. The main thing – do not withdraw into yourself, otherwise, you can miss your happiness.

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