Love horoscope for the week from May 20th to 26th, 2019

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Difficult and saturated astrological events period ended. Venus entered the Sign of Taurus, and we are full of strength and desire to go forward. Nevertheless, it is worth refraining from active actions at the beginning of the week: Mars will make its own changes. This astrological picture suggests that starting something new is not recommended due to general trends. The end of May is more suitable for minor routine tasks, family issues, partner support.


At the end of May, you will have to work very little and look after your loved one too much. Everything and more depends on the initiative this week. Mars in Cancer is not too determined to help you with serious matters. And the sky itself calls you to rest from everything, retiring with a partner among the blooming flowers in the park or in another pleasant environment.


Venus in your Sign is supported by the power of the most serious planets, which means that nothing will be impossible. You should decide on what is now particularly important, and do it. You can earn good money for joint vacations, get closer with a partner, solve family problems, meet an interesting person, or arrange an unusual date. The main thing is to listen to the voice of your heart.


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A strengthened and active Venus will not save you from contradictions, minor insults, unexpected outbursts of emotions with a partner or his parents. At the same time, Venus will go into the shadows, therefore, to argue and defend your opinion is not just useless, but also unpredictable in the result. May 21st and 23rd are better to avoid sharp moments.

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You should spend more free time with your loved one. If you listen to him, you will restore their strength and energy as if they were on vacation. Mars will spend the whole week in your Sign – this should be used to work on yourself or your relationships. May 22nd and 23rd is a great time to deal with desires and complexes, both your own and your partner.


The Sun is in Taurus, which means that all your thoughts will be occupied by ambitious plans, and this is absolutely not a bad thing: the heavenly patron leads you on the shortest path to success. However, in this string of days and grand insights, it would be nice to find time for a loved one, sharing joy with him. Partner will support and perhaps tell you how to proceed.


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For those, who have recently fallen in love, the stars send energy support and a variety of bonuses: a good date, interesting discoveries, crazy impressions. But the advice for single and family people is not to dive too deeply into everyday life, otherwise, you will be taken up by the routine. Outside the window, the most romantic time of the year is the perfect time to go out to search for love or to strengthen it.

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In your personal life, on May 21st to 23rd, it will smell like a thunderstorm: quarrels are very likely. Loud scandal, with the clarification of the relationship, will knock out of the rut, so try to talk with a partner, speak out and figure out in advance. Important news waiting on the part of a loved one. You can get close to some important secret.


This week you will have to solve personal problems, talk with a partner, get to the bottom of the point, work with other people’s complexes. It is important that these not-so-merry matters do not distract from the main thing. The soul will need fresh emotions, romance, tireless love, care and beauty of tender feelings. You can not deny yourself this.


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Mars in Cancer will make you emotionally vulnerable, especially on May 22nd and 23rd. On these dates, the partner can spoil the mood, even break the self-esteem. You can not give the right to someone else’s words to deprive yourself of a great mood and belief in the best. This week is a great time to tackle your inner world and get rid of a couple of complexes. By taking a step in the right direction, you will surely feel a change for the better.

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Under the influence of Mars, an event will occur in your personal life this week that will clarify your aura. If you are observant enough on May 22nd and 23rd, you can immediately understand what is at stake. The remaining days will bring great pleasure if you spend them with your loved one. In the absence of a relationship, you can revise romantic comedies, re-read books that are read at a tender age. This will help to believe in love and attract it.


The most magical is waiting for you in a relationship with the opposite sex. With all the love of freedom, this week your heart will demand the attention of a partner and even his total control. For those, who are lonely, stars advice to spend a week in search, and not necessarily love. You can find and buy a love talisman. Thanks to the energy of the planets, this thing will become an amulet that brings happiness.


This week is not for study, career or earnings. It is personally for you and love. The best what you can do is to pamper yourself with the attention of the opposite sex and new impressions of the usual things. You should try to have a different look at your partner, relationships, life together and determine what is the beauty to which you have already got used to?

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