Love horoscope for the week from May 13th to 19th, 2019 – teamwork will be important!

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This week will be great to focus on family matters and to put relations in order – Venus takes the first steps towards the constellation of Taurus, which values ​​clarity and stability. You can start with the awakening feelings in your loved one, this is best done on Wednesday and continue with more serious steps.


This week, your nerves will be put to the test. Patron-Sun and antagonist-Venus converge in the sign of Taurus. This configuration threatens nervous tension and occasional outbursts of anger. It will be difficult to convey your thoughts to your partner, so try to be more polite and concise. Do not raise questions to the answers to which no one is ready.


The cluster of planets in the constellation Taurus favors you. You will be able to enjoy the attention of the opposite sex, compliments, impressions, and gifts from May 15th to 19th. If some of you are not satisfied with the atmosphere prevailing in the relationship, then you will be able to change everything. The main thing is to avoid making claims.


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Despite the energetic support of Venus, your desires and initiatives can meet resistance. Therefore, it is better not to tune in to the fact that events in your personal life will follow the written script. This week you will have to give in and succumb to the flow: it will be the only way to keep peace and quiet in the relationship.

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The Universe does not prompt, but directly says: it’s time to relax. Last time Venus was in Aries, because of that, you had to spend a lot of strength and nerves, depleting your energy reserves. This week, starting from Wednesday, you will be able to make up. Spending time with your loved one is the best option. Try to hang out on a date and arrange a romantic weekend.


Those of you, who are in love, will have a difficult conversation, a date or an engagement this week, you should be well prepared, as force majeure is possible, especially on May 13th and 14th. Improvisation on the go can only aggravate the situation. Try to prepare a safety cushion to normalize the mood in case of frustration.


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You should try to think about the causes of tension in a relationship. The stars are lined up in an excellent configuration, favorable for solving personal problems with the object of sympathy. Thos of you, who are lonely, can plan a perfect date: people around this week will have a special craving for you.

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There are waiting for you 2 great news at once. The first is that on Wednesday Venus will enter the Sign of Taurus, which will provide a surge of strength and a chance to bypass an unpleasant turn in relations. The second is that serious insights are possible about personal goals and a shared future. You will have to talk a lot with your loved one, and peaceful dialogues will not always be there, but you will be able to solve many problems.


You will spend the coming week in a whirlpool of events and feelings that will turn you around after Venus’s transition to Taurus. From May 15th to 19th it is important not to miss the signals and clues of fate, hiding in the usual things. They will help you find some original solutions and bring bright colors to gray days.


A new love, an unexpected insight, an unequivocal proposal – this is what the stars have prepared for you this week. It is advisable to postpone all thoughts about work and remember that the most important things in life are not things at all. It is important to devote more time to your loved one, family, and for those, who are lonely – the search for love.

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This week, you should not wait for any serious changes: the patron planets are stable. However, no one prohibits making a few changes to your relationships on your own. Especially if the partner is not all smooth. Try to temporarily turn off the mind, to move emotions and spend time as you want.


Stars tell you: it’s time to be selfish and take time for yourself. And especially – your psycho-emotional state. If the opportunity presents itself, then it is worth discussing with your partner your internal fears, asking for support. If not, meditation, sport or creativity will help.


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For many of you, the week is indicated by the increased activity of Venus is the ideal time to restore mutual understanding with a partner. From Wednesday to Sunday an insight can come to you. You will understand something important about yourself, about your values, or about your partner or relationship. Astrologers report that enlightenment will bring happiness.

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