Love horoscope for the week from June 3rd to 9th, 2019

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The beginning of summer will help to find the path to harmony. This is evidenced by the brightest heavenly aspects of this week. The influence of different planets will increase the chances of success in the romantic sphere, but in order to taste true love, you will have to forget about impulsiveness and selfishness.


Mars in Cancer and this is a really significant event – now you can finally agree with yourself. You may have to admit something, forgive something. Do not be afraid to dive into the depths of your own contradictions – it will help to establish harmony in the relationship. One can only distract from spiritual insights in order to find points of contact with a partner or new feelings.


Venus in your home, which means there will be a real chance to strengthen relationships or meet love. The scale of positive change for each of you will be different. Another important topic of the week will be relationships with an ex-partner. This week you can not just make peace with him, but come together again: forgive, explain, start from scratch.


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This week, negative attitudes may visit your consciousness on the unfavorable days of the forces of the antagonist-Neptune — June 4th, 7th, and 9th. On these dates, something incomprehensible will occur in your personal life. It will be difficult for you to understand, so do not rush things and rejoice at the words and promises of a partner, you must first check them. Or you can simply turn to intuition. It will not fail.

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The moon this week will make out of you an important person, especially June 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th. Wherever you go, to serious events or fun parties, the attention of the opposite sex will be focused on you and only on you. Therefore, in the presence of a jealous partner, it is better to take it with you everywhere. And even better – to solve the urgent problems in the relationship: now is the moment when it will be possible to negotiate with a loved one.


Great news are waiting for those, who will create the habit of waking up every day in a good mood. Optimism is useful to reflect the doubts and fluctuations caused by the location of the Sun in Gemini. If you manage to stay afloat, then something important will come: a marriage proposal, a new relationship, some interesting changes that will take your breath away. Armed with a positive, you need to enjoy this week to the maximum.


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A pleasant event can be an acquaintance with an interesting person, flirting and improving relationships with a partner. The search for love also promises to be quite successful. Under the influence of the active and positive Moon in your personal life will come a bright streak, which will lead to happiness. June 5th and 6th will solve important issues that did not give rest before.

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The last week of Venus’s stay in Taurus is coming to an end, and your intuition, your charisma, and charm will be on top. Try listening to your thoughts and forebodings, paying special attention to astrological forecasts, prompts of the Universe and prophetic dreams, especially on June 3rd, 6th, and 9th. The fact is that the allied Venus will be in very powerful aspects with other planets, bringing you closer to the knowledge of something important.


Mars in the constellation of Cancer prepared the ground for exploring yourself if you are alone and strengthening relationships if you have already found your happiness. In general, love may arise suddenly before you, and it is impossible to prepare for it. Therefore, try to simply enjoy your feelings, communication, romance, and summer walk under the moon.


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The probability of starting a new life is greater than ever. Patron-Sun in Gemini – the most restless and changeable constellation, which means that change is inevitable. For a week, you can change your fate beyond recognition: start a new relationship, change the name in the passport, break into another city after a loved one, and even give up your own desires in favor of a partner. It all depends on the specific situation and personal goals. The main thing – to listen to the voice of your heart, and even better – go to his call.

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While Saturn and Pluto are in the constellation of Capricorn, you should not expect significant changes. These are slow planets, and their influence stops many beginnings. But this is your planet-patrons, and therefore – energy support is provided. At the beginning of summer give up your soul researching and engage in strengthening relationships or finding new ones. Switch attention from career to love: there are many more prospects in this area now.


Venus in Taurus, which means that you will have a great week. In the personal life coming pleasant events. If you have long been looking for a decent party – this week there will be your option. This will be what you dreamed of. If you need to make peace with your partner or just discuss annoying problems, it’s time to sit down at the negotiating table. This week is generally very family and romantic driven, so it’s time to push work to the background.


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For you, Venus and the Moon will become the patrons of the week and good mood. You will join forces to clear the path to happiness. New acquaintances, correspondence in social networks, dates will become a source of strength and positive emotions for you this week. No less important is the prose of life. Have you long been planning to sort things out? You can act. The main thing is to argue your feelings – why do you need to listen? Value yourself very highly.

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