Love horoscope for the week from June 10th to 16th, 2019 – the start of hard time!

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The week begins with the transition of Venus to the constellation of Gemini. The planet of love will enter the Air sign, which usually pushes us to change and too optimistic expectations. This week may be a desire to solve all the accumulated issues, but haste is now useless. Instead of bright initiatives, you are inspired by the search for harmony.


In your personal life this week, everything is difficult: either you haven’t spent time with a partner for a long time, and he began to take revenge with indifference, or there was a crack between you and your partner. In any case, we are talking about problems. You should, tune to the harmonization of relations, you need to start to act.

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Despite the decline in the activity of the patron Venus, there is a pleasant feeling waiting for you, which happens after the end of the losing streak. Something big and important will come, and it is possible that this will be love. Good news is also waiting for the family representatives: you will manage to get rid of anxiety and understand the true needs of your partner.

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The Planet of Love is visiting your sign, which promises you many new changes and discoveries. If you want to impress a loved one – the whole week is available. Try to move away from annoying everyday problems, otherwise, changes that have every chance of becoming happy will become new obstacles in love.


Mercury and Mars met in Cancer, and on Friday and Sunday will enter into an open confrontation with Jupiter, Neptune, and Saturn. Internally, you will solve some problems that affect you personally. At the same time, it may be completely unnoticed by a loved one. You should not be offended by indifference: it is important to take this lesson on your own, using methods of getting rid of the negative.

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The active Sun, which comes into vivid aspects, gives a hint to you: everything is getting better. You will find the path to happiness. You can get everything, but special success awaits in love. Plunging into this exciting journey, do not forget to look back. The experience of past relationships will save from problems in the present.

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You shouldn’t forget: Mercury is still Cancer. Clarification of relationships and quarrels with a partner will bring stress and anxiety so that if you continue to put pressure on a loved one (albeit with good intentions), everything can end in failure. It is necessary to think about how to quickly and peacefully achieve harmony in relationships.

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You will have to get used to the fact that Venus in Gemini will provoke the appearance of strange events, frequent changes of moods and directions. In this instability will pass not only this week but all June. To overcome any difficulties will help sincerity. Try to talk more with a partner, discuss problems and experiences, and not save them up in a pile.


You have nothing to worry about: the antagonist-Venus will lose its strength so that peace and tranquility will come in personal life. The only thing that can cause discomfort this week is difficulties with the relatives of a loved one. But these are small negative fluctuations; the most important thing is that those of you who are in love will be able to achieve harmony with a partner, and single people – to find their love.

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Household troubles, material difficulties, partner problems – this is what the Sun aspects predict. This is not to say that it will be a problem week, but you will have to be nervous, especially on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. But the reward will be appropriate: the relationship with your loved one will improve, and lonely people will be able to meet someone close to them in spirit.

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Astrological trends will require resilience and readiness for decisive action from you. Personal changes are coming, and it is quite possible that it is time to let go of something familiar. The most important thing for you now is to leave the comfort zone as carefully as possible so as not to harm either yourself or your relationships.

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The transition of Venus to Gemini will bring with it the energy of exhaustion, while the number of problems will not decrease. You will have to work at full capacity, managing to pay attention to all areas of life. The source of vitality will be the family. Emotional talk, joint work, and forays into the world will be the main recipe for happiness for you and your happy companions.

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Venus has completely lost her strength, but for you, this is not a warning, but a challenge. It is advisable for you to flirt, meet, chat, date. Only in this way will it be possible to activate your personal life and reflect the negative. Romantic feelings and hot confessions have long been waiting for their time, and it will strike soon. The week will bring a lot of reasons to laugh with happiness, the main thing is to give in to impulse.

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