Love horoscope for the week from July 2nd to July 8th, 2018

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Summer is in full swing, but we are in for a very difficult week, and problems will lie in the sphere of love.

Representatives of the Sign Aries undesirable jealous in the love sphere in this period. Serious conversation, a meeting, finding out the relationship, a declaration of love is better to postpone until next week. You will have a freedom of choice. It is possible that you will want experiments. But if you decide to make changes in the love sphere, you will be mistaken: you risk betting on an old familiar scenario, which this week will bring nothing but disappointment.


Your determination and the desire to restore order in relations this week may evaporate. This will not be your fault, so the more judicious and calmer you take it, the better. Use this period so that you gain strength, to study the behavior of a loved one, to reveal its strengths and weaknesses. Soon the universe will provide a chance to change personal life, and your observations will serve well.

Gemini in love will receive a generous dose of positive emotions this week. Your attractiveness will increase, which will give “green light” to your fans and admirers. Extract joy from every minute: your personal life will soon change. If you are alone, then respond to signs of sympathy and do not ignore a single sentence: the more unexpected and original the date is, the better.

For representatives of the constellation of Cancer, trying to build a happy relationship and achieve harmony in feelings, not the most successful period in love begins. There will be a lot of pitfalls and even the lightest decisions have to be promoted with combat. Make a plan for yourself in advance.

Luck smiles at the Leo this week. In this regard, show yourself more vividly. This is the most favorable week for a breakthrough in the personal field, any problems and disagreements with the partner will recede into the background. But if you sit idly by, the initiative will freely pass to your loved one: how he will use it and what will come of it, nobody predicts.


Lovers of the Virgo, if you dreamed of a romantic journey or moving, now is clearly not the most suitable time for this. You will not get what you planned. But the lonely Virgo are promised success in the search for their soul mate, most importantly – choose your heart and do not listen to cold calculation.

Libra, a vulnerable place for you this week – a relationship with a loved one. If you cherish the feelings of a partner, then try to shift your attention to creative pursuits and moderate your ardor. You will be extremely irritable, demanding and selfish. Of course, this will not be your fault, but still try to give your loved one more attention than usual.

Not only your mood will be affected, but also your relationship with your loved one. A series of failures in personal life is expected. You’ll have to take a break and stop trying to get attention, trust, care, love from your soul mate. Even if it seems to you that you have almost got what you want, be sure – you only think. Try to change tactics and give the partner what you want in return.

For many Sagittarians this week it will be especially important that a loved one guessed their wishes or at least heard their requests. Do not wait for the weather at the sea. Try to tell your partner about everything, clearly outlining your desires and requests – you will be sure to be heard. For lonely Sagittarius this week will bring a lot of trouble in personal life, but they are likely to be pleasant.


Lonely Capricorn, this week you run the risk of making a mistake in choosing a life partner. Positive energy flows will be blocked, in connection with which failure in love can increase several times. In order not to get confused in a relationship, be attentive. Put off the initiative for another time, otherwise you risk getting stuck in a toxic relationship.

Numerous hassles and frustrations can get in the way if you do not learn to control your emotions. Meditation will help you relieve tension and calm your nerves. Avoid initiatives and conflicts when communicating with a loved one, so as not to provoke unnecessary problems.

Representatives of the Sign of Pisces in early July will notice minor changes in themselves: your tastes, habits and, perhaps, attitude towards your beloved person will change. Develop these transformations, even if the work on yourself will take all your free time. You will definitely get to the goal if you allow yourself these little selfish joys, because in this period, your love will be demanded by only one person – yourself.

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