Love horoscope for the week from July 23rd to July 29th, 2018

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Love is above all, because without it our life would not make sense. Of all the days of the week, the most calmest will be Monday. It will be a beautiful day for comprehending the laws of prosperity that will help you change your life in a week.


It is recommended to work on yourself on July 26th, 27th and 28th. It is advisable to study the most useful tips for working on yourself. If you can get rid of your problems, then mutuality itself will go to your hands. Do not focus on problems in love – it is better to work in other ways, and happiness itself will pay attention to you.


July 26th, 27th and 28th are the most dangerous days of the week for love adventures. For you at this time it is desirable to be quieter than water and below the grass. To become happier, you will have to give up what is pulling you to the bottom. For Taurus it can be jealousy, envy and laziness, as well as overestimating self-esteem. July 24th and 29th, are days of great luck for you. These days you can make appointments and get acquainted.


Between you and your soulmate, there may be some tension. This week, fraud and hypocrisy are possible. On July 24th, can be provoked adultery. Fate can give a chance for a successful acquaintance on July 29th. Since July 26th, you need to be more careful because of the retrograde nature of Mercury.

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It will be a great time to test the love affinity for you and your beloved person or potential soulmate. July 25th, 26th and 27th, will be difficult days for easy dating and flirting, and for reaching the highest point of mutual understanding. Do not panic, even if for some reason things don’t work out as planed. Love this week will require peace.


For Leo this week in love affairs can smile good luck. You will be able to get rid of negative attitudes that prevent you from attracting love. It will be a very successful days for dating or strengthening existing ties. Do not be afraid of your desires and do not be alone these days.


Do not set ultimatums and try to bend your line. Perhaps, one of the close people will not be what he seemed before. July 26th, 27th and 28th will be the most positive days for you, so you can be dedicated to strengthening and clarifying relations. Be extremely honest.

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From July 24th to 28th, you ma be in constant tension. Relieving fatigue is better than communicating with the right people. These days there can be a very difficult situation like a love triangle. Love will look like something dangerous and unpredictable, so trust only yourself.


Love luck can visit you on July 26th, 27th and 28th. In these days, fateful meetings and acquaintances are most likely. This week a special place in the amorous affairs of the Scorpios, will be occupied by thoughts. That is why it will be possible to use psychological techniques to attract the desired. Do not be afraid to ask the Universe for what you need. Love and peace of mind somewhere near – you just need to reach out to them.


July 24th, you can safely devote to the search for love or bring a twist to the already existing relationship. July 29th is the most dangerous day of the week: try to stay in solitude and reflect on your past and future. It is better to accept loved ones as they are, without demanding from them more than they can offer.

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From July 25th to 28th, for you will smile luck in the love sphere. It is in these days that it is important to be most attentive, searching for one of the signs that life will soon change. Love can change the worldview of Capricorns and give them a maximum of positive emotions. Try to spend these three days with the most cherished people. And July 24th and 29th, it is better not to share emotions with anyone. Solitude will go to you for good.


You, this week, may seem quite negative, but this is for the most part only an illusion. From July 24th to July 28th, will be unsuccessful period for setting goals in love and for finding your soulmate. This does not mean that you need to give up hope of happiness. You can also try to narrow the circle of communication to the most trusted people in order to minimize the appearance of fears and mistrust.


It will be a great time to start a joint vacation and change the situation. Bring in your life a positive change. Be careful in the period from July 26th to 28th, because the likelihood of quarrels and resentments will increase. You can become jealous these days, pushing away those who value and love you.

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