Love horoscope for the week from July 16th to July 22th, 2018

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Luck in the love sphere is fickle, so sometimes you need to use additional tools – for example, rituals to attract love. If you are experiencing a string of troubles, such rites can greatly facilitate your life.


July 16th and July 20th will be the most positive days of the week for Aries. Your love fortune will be positively affected. On Monday and Friday you are most likely to be able to find motivation and understand what you want from life. You can determine the goals and bring the relationship to a new level. If you are in search of love, do not give up on new acquaintances.


Be careful in the last three days of this week. Avoid vindictive people and do not put anyone in the wheel. Monday to Thursday will be a fairly favorable period, which you can use to find your soulmate. If you are already in a relationship, then try to spend as much time as possible with a second half. Perhaps you will manage to solve many problems and strengthen relations.


Your worst character traits can brightly manifest on July 20th and July 22nd. On Friday and Sunday, you should avoid selfish attitude towards friends, loved one and relatives, otherwise problems in relations will not keep you waiting.

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This week will be favorable for trying to program yourself to succeed with the help of thoughts and other ways of influencing the subconscious. The best day for finding love is Sunday. July 16th and 20th, beware of rudeness, change of plans, self-doubt. Do not put ultimatums on your loved ones – try to solve problems as diplomatically as possible.


For Leo dilemmas in a love relationship will resolve, quickly come to an agreement in a dispute. On Friday, can be an emergence of intrusive domestic problems, new obstacles in love. In amorous affairs July 20th beware of impulsiveness. Search for your soulmate this week, most likely, will not bring the desired result.


It will be a very hectic week for Virgo. It is especially worth highlighting July 16th, 20th and 22nd. These days bringing positive changes to your personal life will be possible only through love passion and positive. Try to do without clarifying the relationship. Take it easy and let your loved one be wrong.

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Do not criticize your loved one – this will be the main secret of happiness for both of you. You can be overwhelmed by passion, but it’s not bad, especially on Monday, Friday and Sunday. These days you can safely go on “love hunting”, if you have not yet found a soul mate. Flirt, romance and new acquaintances can be extremely useful for your emotional state.


On July 16th and 20th, will be deep respect between lovers, which will have a good impact on the life of the Scorpios, who have been in relationships for quite some time. Try to decorate the life of your loved ones with joy. Live according to the laws of the Universe to become happier. Sunday will be the most dangerous day for love adventures, so it is better not to start new acquaintances on this day.


This week, will be successful for love, but you should be more careful on Monday. On this day, in relationships of any level, a black line may start. Learn to quickly forget all bad things so that negative energy does not stagnate in your mind. To avoid disagreements and troubles, try not to provoke a loved one on July 16th. Do not focus on troubles, but miss them by yourself.

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On July 16th and 20th, your intuition may be strengthened. On Monday and Friday, rely on feelings and emotions. On other days it’s better to think with your head, not with your heart. Do not lick your soul with feelings, anger and irritation in these seven days. In order not to be disappointed in the surrounding people and those you love, try to get rid of illusions.


To become happier, this week you should carefully monitor emotions. Learn to perceive your loved ones as they are, without trying to change them. Remember that perfect people are not real – this will help you to more easily treat the mistakes of a loved one on Monday. On other days, you can be selfish and sullen, but to a much lesser degree.


This week you should put all your strength to strengthen love. You can bring the relationship to a new level. Make it happen by pleasant surprises, love confessions, positive mood and sense of humor. If you want to get acquainted with someone, then nothing should stop you on the way to amorous victories.

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