Love horoscope for the week from April 8th to 14th, 2019 – it will be easier to solve problems in relationships!

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So, Venus activity in Pisces will be increased this week. It will be a great time to gather the whole family, have romantic dates, give a helping hand to your loved ones to overcome their personal problems and establish communication with your partner, as well as reconsider your attitude to love. During this week, you will be able to discover a lot of interesting things and discover something new in the sphere of feelings and relationships.


The strong position of Venus suggests that Aries will have to contend with their fears and other deterrents. This week you can wait for significant events in love, and that everything should go well, you should decide on your own feelings and desires. It is possible that an important issue will be resolved. Probably it will be possible to resolve a conflict in relationships or someone will decide to open up to you about his feeling.


This week will be indicative because you will have to relearn to trust your loved one. Try to have less chaos in your personal life. This week, empty vanity and obsessive thoughts can not just take away strength but have a devastating effect. There are risks to scare the partner and thereby bring discord in the relationship. But for lonely Taurus, Venus gives the green light on the initiative and romantic dates.



This is going to be a great week for love, fun, romance and flirting. The positive energy of Venus will disperse the clouds hanging over the relationship. Thanks to the support of the patron, the lonely and passionate, will be accompanied by freedom, tenderness, and sincerity. A week will bring good results, although there is one condition – restraint and honesty towards a partner is important.

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Venus in Pisces promises Cancers an ideal week when all conventions fall. Excellent dates and correspondence with a partner. You can not be afraid to enter into new relationships, change the usual way, discuss problems in relationships, make joint plans. At the same time, for lonely Cancers, the best lovers will be people of the older generation. The only problem that can overtake is jealousy. It is better to get rid of unjustified suspicions right away.


The influence of the Sun will be your guide, while the activity of Venus may confuse plans. This antagonist planet hides a destructive start for you so the week will be extremely ambiguous. Mutual attraction and common goals will connect you with your loved one. But even in harmonious pairs, Leo will miss the spark. This means it is time for serious conversations. And the longer it will be postponed, the more complaints will accumulate.



This week, you will completely lose the ability to soberly assess the situation. And this is not surprising. Venus is your worst antagonist. The negative energy of the planet will make you nervous. Emotionality will increase and with it the risks of misunderstanding on absolutely any basis. The unexpected development of events in love will bring surprise, problems, limitations, but at the same time, opportunities to move to a more spiritual level. The main thing is to deal with desires and not lose touch with reality.

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Three other planets together with Venus in Pisces will create a beautiful connection and therefore will give you a hurricane of emotions and a storm of passions. Do not neglect their influence on the partner, the gift of persuasion, eloquence, and charm. On April 9th, 10th and 12th, it is important to take advantage of Venus’s favorable position and achieve positive changes in the sphere of relations. The remaining days are dangerous: lonely Libra should not start relationships from scratch since others can deceive their expectations.


Jupiter in Sagittarius is preparing to move in the retro phase, and with it, love affairs will slow down. As the patron moves forward, Scorpios should prepare for change. This week in love everything will go well, especially in a relationship based on mutual understanding. A bright contrast to everyday life will be the beginning of Jupiter’s retrograde movement. From April 10th to 14th, it is desirable to take a driven position, giving the initiative into the hands of a loved one.



From April 10th to 14th, Jupiter in reverse movement will take over Sagittarius. This planet is a strict teacher with a rude upbringing method. However, on these dates the destructive energy of the patron planet does not work; on the contrary, Jupiter will correct the mistakes of the past. Self-analysis will be an excellent help for anyone who seeks to improve relationships and attract happiness for themselves.

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This week Venus will be the active planet for them, which means you should not expect easy success in love. The energy of Venus, which increases emotionality, will be directed to a destructive course. Reinforced touchiness can provoke scandals even in the strongest couples. For this reason, it is worth being careful in words and deeds. And remember: hidden aggression can hide behind external harmony.


This week, the path to personal happiness for Aquarius will run through the thorns and obstacles created by the active Sun. Their antagonist is marked by a strong position in Aries, which will cause confusion in business and negative inside. Stop forcing events,  ignoring propriety and showing selfishness. Having reconciled with the contradictory tendencies of the period, it will be possible to spend a week away from scandals and swearing.


Venus, strengthened in Pisces, invites representatives of this constellation to fully rely on their feelings and emotions. For you, at last, a favorable period will come when it will be possible to find out the desires of a partner, using only intuition. The week is associated with the acquisition of an idyll in a love union. The only vulnerable place is relatives and children. With them, there can be tensions and frequent conflicts that can be resolved by compromise.

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