Love horoscope for the week from April 29th to May 5th, 2019 – create your dream relationships

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From Monday, keep your loved ones close to you, don’t be afraid to ask for help and give help to your family members. If you feel sad or angry, your loved one will brighten your days. At the beginning of the week, the Sun in Taurus will make a promising aspect to Jupiter, and the residual influence of this planetary configuration will continue until the end of the week. All this indicates that our intuition will be particularly strong. If you are in a quarrel or thinking whether the relationship should go on or start a new one,  to yourself, to your inner self, to the voice of intuition, in order to make the right choice.


The beginning of May is a really important moment in your life: this week, you will finally be able to agree with a partner, to confess something, to forgive something. It is time to get rid of some of the negative programs that make you look back and make it difficult to be happy both in and outside the relationship. The Sun in the constellation Taurus will help cope with yourself, even diving into the depths of personal contradictions.


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This week for you there are 2 important topics: 1) The Sun is still in your constellation, 2) relationships with people will improve from May 1st. This week it will be possible not just to reconcile with them, but to come to an agreement: forgive, understand, start all over again. Do not bend your line and cross, especially if you are in a quarrel. Become an attentive listener for your loved one, and the problems will go away by themselves.


Mars is in your sign so in your personal life and love can get a strange and confusing situation. Don’t be impressed by the rumors and conversations – first, you need to check them. On May 1st, the double aspect of Mars, Mercury and Saturn will reveal to you a certain secret. And if there is a desire, then you can ask for a hint from the Universe.


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A strong and active Moon will make out of you an important person. Wherever you will go, you will be admired and glanced at. You will have a charming smile and accept compliments from the opposite sex. The star situation also disposes to solving urgent family problems: from April 29th to May 1st and from May 4th to 5th there will be great days when the gift of persuasion will allow you to achieve your goal.

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Great news are waiting for you. The aspect of the Sun to Jupiter will bring with it something important: a proposal of a hand and a heart maybe, a new love, happy changes that turn life on its head. With intuition and your stubbornness this week you can achieve almost any goal.


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A pleasant event this week will be a weakened Venus. The negative impact of the antagonist will subside, which means it will be possible to flirt, look for controls and ways to improve relations. The search for a new partner also promises to be successful. And this week, you will have a break out that will lead to spiritual harmony.


Despite the decline in the activity of your patron, Venus, your intuition will be on top. You should write down dreams, important thoughts, and follow the signs of fate and your own presentiments. However, until Venus becomes stronger, you should try to awaken your charm and sexuality. In this scenario, the attention of a loved one is provided.


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For those of you, who are lonely, the Universe has prepared the ground for dating “with the perfect person”, for those in the family – the opportunity to bring passion into relationships. Love this week may suddenly come upon when you do not expect it at all, and it is impossible to prepare for it. Therefore, try to enjoy the feelings, romance, dates, and the freshness of spring.

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The beginning of the new month will be held under the strict guidance of the Sun and Jupiter, which means that the chance to start a new life is greater than ever. It will turn out to be easier to get rid of problems, to escape from the routine, to change the way of life. It all depends on the situation and specific goals. If you tune in for the best – the week will bring only happy changes.


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While retrograde Saturn and retrograde Pluto are in your Sign, it is are not worth waiting for some fateful events. Fortunately, they are your patrons, so problems will be bypassed. To create romance, a little bit of activity won’t hurt. So take your soulmate and be alone with your partner or in a good company, if your heart is still free.


Retrograde Saturn in the constellation Capricorn is an active planet for you. This week, the double aspect of the patron of May 1st will bring major changes in your personal life. New feelings, moving or good news are possible. If you need to make peace with your loved one or resume a relationship, then from May 1st to May 5th is a great time to sit down at the negotiating table.


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Venus in Aries will become for you either an engine of progress or a source of problems. This week you have to resolve family differences, but you should be prepared to argue your opinion. And then everything will depend on the desires, the level of confidence and understanding of your own importance. On Sunday, the aspect of Venus and Neptune will bring important news that captures the imagination and opens your eyes to many things.

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