Love horoscope for the week from April 22nd to April 28th, 2019

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This is going to be an unusually successful week for love. The more actively we act, the better the result will be. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be especially great days: at this time aspects of the Sun with other planets will make us bold, and a cluster of planets in Aries – energetic. It’s time to meet and improve relationships.


Mercury entered the sign of Aries, which means that you can use this time for intellectual pursuits. Think about how you can improve your personal life and diversify everyday life. This serious test will be the beginning of a pleasant spring change. Your former lovers can contact those of you who are single, and in order to avoid problems, it is better to reduce the intensity of communication.


The Sun is in the Sign of Taurus, which automatically makes you the king of this week. It is useful to analyze all that you have done for relations in the past 12 months and to identify common goals for the future, especially if in the last time in the pair raging constant battles and misunderstandings rage. The week will bring changes for the better, which will surprise many of you, including the lonely.


In these 7 days should pay attention to your feelings and understand the nuances of relationships with a partner. Aspects of Venus on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday will make you stop and see yourself and your relationships from the outside. Awareness may surprise. But in fact, similar episodes happen to everyone, just now it’s your turn. Spend more time with other people: think, plan, improve. And at the weekend hanging on a romantic date.


The planets have built a very harmonious, sensual composition in relation to you. It turns out to collect all the thoughts in the big picture: all puzzles will finally coincide. This will be a week of reflection, working with the fine tuning of the soul. Communication with a partner can be difficult, but a little patience and the romantic atmosphere will return again. For those of you who are lonely, after Thursday, it is desirable to spend more time in the opposite sex society – the probability of meeting your ideal is great.

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The sun is in Taurus, which means that bold, ambitious goals come to the fore. The aspirations of different people will be different: someone wants to start a family, others will visit the thoughts of recognition in feelings. In any case, there is no need to hurry while there is still time to think about these important steps. Write down your wishes and imagine that they have come true. The reaction to such changes will follow sooner than it may seem.


Mercury in Aries will set up you to strengthen your relationship by proposing non-standard methods for this. But by throwing all the forces on it, you risk worsening the situation. Therefore, despite the vigorous energy, it is desirable to act gently. Lonely representatives also will not remain on the sidelines, for them, Mercury has its own test – discomfort in the presence of the opposite sex.


Wave-like mood, vague forebodings, perhaps even prophetic dreams  – you will be very sensitive this week. For this reason, avoid conflicts, do not sort out relationships, do not watch TV and do not surf for a long time on the network. Time is worth devoting to creativity. So it will be possible to keep the main thing – the harmony in your soul and the nerves of your loved one.


Until the weekend this week, you may feel overwhelmed. Bad mood, suspicion, irritation – a normal reaction to the current location of the planets. The main thing is not to make important meetings, romantic dates, declarations of love for the first half of the week – stress can be passed. Lonely representatives should prepare for the appearance of a new person in their life. He will bring many changes, and perhaps even love.

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Jupiter in the retro phase, and therefore, for you, it is time to get used to the return of cases, thoughts, questions and people from the past. This week, you should take care of your partner: do not burden him with your problems, listen carefully, do not criticize, but in the evenings please with something pleasant. Relationships will improve!


Fate itself will bring you with the right people or push you to unusual insights. In any case, all you need is to look for a secret meaning. Moreover, the astrological influences of this week will still bring a certain coldness and estrangement into relationships, so why not arrange a day to rest and understand yourself?


If you have long wanted to change something in your life and your relationships, then you can safely take advantage of the current position of the stars and make a couple of metamorphoses. In the spring active Neptune will add strength and fuse. You can visualize your dreams of a great relationship, a partner or a large family, and they will become a reality.


Venus passed into Aries, which means that you should slow down your activity and spend this week away from boring conversations, everyday life, family problems. Now, in your personal life, you lack a holiday, so it’s worth to arrange it for yourself. If circumstances will not be for the better, you should pay attention to your loved one or your closest circle of contacts. Close people are a source of strength. Rapprochement with them will give warmth and happiness.

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