Love horoscope for the week from April 15th to April 21st, 2019: open up your heart and make the first step

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This week, many of you will fall under the influence of Venus and Neptune, which will affect the mood. In this regard, try to be careful in communicating with the opposite sex, in order not to inadvertently offend close people and potential companions of life with harsh statements. The influence of the planets will touch everyone in their own way.


Your personal life will be under threat only if you do not learn how to correctly allocate time. This week, an excessive activity can lead to loss of strength and internal balance, which is fraught with scandals and reproaches. From April 20th, the Sun will move over to Taurus, and at this time you will be able to deal with problems in your personal life.


The influence of Venus on you will be strongest from April 15th to 19th. During this period, personal life may be under threat due to fear and doubt. You should pull yourself together and refuse advice from outside, which can aggravate the situation even more. Mood swings are best to wait out alone, to eliminate conflicts with loved ones, as well as incorrect judgments about new friends of the opposite sex.


The influence of Venus will cause you to doubt in every step. The energy of the planet will provoke mood swings, the consequences of which can be very depressing. On a personal front in connection with this situation, it is better to take a break. Prudent behavior will help to refuse claims to partners, as well as to avoid meeting people who are absolutely not suitable for romantic relationships.

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The end of the week will be successful for you. The effect of Venus from April 20th will help you get rid of your fears and breathe deeply. On Saturday, you will be able to establish a personal life and meet interesting people. Those who are already in a relationship, the energy of the planet will give a great mood for romantic dates.

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The coming week will bring you good luck if you cease to rule over everything and try to impose the order where compromise solutions are needed. Up until April 20th, the Sun will help you, but its energy may not be enough, and you will have to look for strength within yourself. It will be useful to maintain warm family relationships and search for a new love.


Saturn will affect you, and this means that you will face your past. It is possible that in the coming week you will receive news from former lovers who will want to resume communication. try to listen to yourself to see if a second chance is needed for an old relationship, or if it is time to reevaluate and find a new partner.


You will feel the support of Venus, the energy which will help to establish your personal life. For those who are in relationships, try to remember the carefree time of the first dates and repeat them so that the feelings do not fade. Those of you who are lonely should not hide from the senses. Long thoughts will not lead to happiness and postpone romantic relationships indefinitely.


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Venus will not help you overcome the difficulties this week, which means you will have to take matters into your own hands. In private life, there will be no problems if you tune in to success and reject superficial judgments. Those who are in search of a partner do not need to rush into a choice, and it is important for couples to find points of contact, not reasons for quarrels.

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You will get useful energy in personal life from retrograde Jupiter. His influence will help get rid of internal contradictions and direct forces on what is really important. Romance this week will be possible if you cope with the mood and stop seeing enemies in others.


This week you will meet the challenges and concerns that can be resolved thanks to the influence of Venus. The power of the planet will help you to get rid of the omissions between you and your lover and find compromise solutions. Since April 15th, those who are lonely should be careful not to miss the heralds of approaching love.


The influence of Venus imposes special obligations on you. This week you are advised to temper your ardor and not to take on what you cannot do. Family people, it is important not to overestimate yourself, yielding to partners, so as not to provoke conflicts. Lonely representatives should not focus on finding a partner so as not to despair in the event of a negative result. In life, everything happens in a timely manner, and you just need to learn how to wait.


This week, it is important to remember that indulging emotions is not always a success. The influence of Venus will help you to establish personal lives, but after April 20th, the planet will change the Sign, moving to the constellation Aries. The end of the week will be difficult, which means that it is important to keep your emotions under control in order to eliminate troubles on a personal front.

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