Love horoscope for October 7th to 13th, 2019

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The onset of autumn cold does not completely cancel the likelihood of a wonderful and unforgettable pastime with a loved one. Spend the autumn days in the company of your soulmate, strengthen relationships, seek love, and then no autumn spleen will be scary to you.


Mars in Libra sets you to look for ways to cheer yourself up in the fall days. Falling into the blues is definitely not worth it now. Many shocks can happen in a week: relationships will be shaken, plans will be broken, the money will fly away, and some of the hopes will collapse. But all these are just the consequences of the restructuring of the energy sector, a regime of energy saving will help calmly survive. You can become real gurus of personal life if you let go of emotions and take philosophical concerns.


Try to postpone plans to conquer the world or earn your first million if you cherish your personal life. It is necessary to concentrate all your forces on you because this week you will be in dire need of this: on Tuesday, Venus will enter the destructive degree of Scorpio. You need to remember everything that you know about romance and your partner. What does he or she like? What are his or her weaknesses? It will be useful to arrange a beautiful date or talk heart to heart.


Active Neptune will make you think a lot. For example, about how much a loved one spends energy to recover from another quarrel. This week, a partner can rebel and deliver an ultimatum. So it’s best to set a goal in advance to take care of your loved ones intensely. Communication, romance, more tenderness – and to the New Year you will not be able to recognize your relationships.

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This week, you risk completely getting confused in your feelings, and the reason for this is Venus, passing into Scorpio. It is possible that those of you who are lonely will mix love and friendship, because of which you have a difficult choice. It is advisable for you this week not to make hasty decisions. There is a risk of making a fatal mistake. If there is unfinished business related to a partner, family, home, then it’s time to deal with them.

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Under the influence of Jupiter, you will be determined to conquer new peaks and reach unprecedented heights. These are worthy goals, but can they be called useful? It is advisable for you to build a wheel of harmony and assess the situation in all areas of life, paying particular attention to the personal front. Only having adjusted the spiritual side of life, you will succeed in the material.


While Mercury turned on the green light for you in the field of career and money, you are encouraged to direct all efforts to this. Moreover, the period of luck will not last long. This week, it makes sense to limit communication with a partner, or rather conflicts, disputes, and clarification of relationships. Your house is now a place of power, and it must be protected from negativity.

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The Sun and Mars are in your house, and you are in love and harmony. This week, as the love horoscope promises, everything will be fine: there will be opportunities to settle matters and problems that have ripened lately, but no new problems are expected. True, until the end of October confidence in your pair will not be very much. You’ll have to talk more, discuss everything and share the innermost.


It is advisable for you to be more careful: Mars in Libra can force to pursue ghostly happiness. It will be useful to look around and try to establish what is already there. This week, success will bring a philosophical mood and a solution to important problems. You need to find time for your partner in this hectic: go on dates, look through joint photos, remember what they dreamed about at the beginning of the relationship.


A difficult week awaits you: the activation of the Sun in Libra requires you to control yourself and control your emotions. You will have to control everything that you feel, say, write and do. What for? In order not to get into an unpleasant situation. This week you are recommended to spend as calmly as possible.

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In your sign, there is a strict Saturn, which this week will be activated and will bring you a second breath, make you even stronger and more determined. This week, you can safely work on yourself and your relationships. This will be a harmonious week, which will not bring unnecessary problems and worries. At work and in relationships everything will be smooth, so there is no need to worry about nothing.


Everything that you wanted to get in a relationship can come to you this week. Even if before this there was a series of problems, now Saturn will present an opportunity to jump into the last car of luck. So it makes sense to tune in to a very interesting and eventful week. If you wish, you can take relations to a new level or at least settle differences, set new goals and generally expand your happiness to infinity.


This week, the Moon will work hard for you to have everything you dreamed about. With each new October day, your life will become better and better. For such romantic and sensual natures, this is the best gift. The Moon has prepared many happy moments, discoveries, interesting meetings, new achievements. Mid-October will delight with unusual things: there will not be so many events, but they will certainly become a source of vitality and the right conclusions that will change lives.

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