Love horoscope for October 28th to November 3rd, 2019

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Love horoscope this week promises problems if you will leave everything as it is. Venus in Scorpio will definitely remind you of this. Well, it won’t be hard to fix everything. If you follow the advice, then the problems will be solved quickly, and strength will increase.


It is advisable for you to improve relationships. Yes, the time has come: Mars in Libra will increase the chances of success. Routine threatens to disrupt plans. It is advisable to spend a week in a way that you have not decided before: to look for unusual date formats, change the image and surprise – first of all, yourself. If it is difficult to do it on weekdays, you can diversify your personal life on the weekend: spend them as you dreamed.


A good time is coming for those of you, who are serious and determined, who are worried about the future of their relationship. Mercury, which will become retrograde on October 31st, will present an opportunity to achieve what is desired, but counter efforts will have to be made. It would be great if you would begin to think about serious things and plan major changes in your personal life. The moment for this is the most successful.

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Retrograde Mercury will make you think about relationships and find results that can be boasted. The patron planet from October 28th to October 31st will give a chance to arrange everything the way you want. Those experiencing a difficult period should consider: what do you want from life and relationships? What does not suit you at the moment? Not the time to suppress your feelings, but not the time to focus on the negative.

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In your life at the end of October, change is quite likely. At first small, they can become heralds of abrupt life turns and life-changing moments. If the current situation in love is completely satisfying, you can think about how to strengthen your position. Well, if you are ready for change, then you can trust Venus, which is sure to give something new.


You are of a romantic nature, even if you are sure of the opposite. And now the time is coming when this quality will bring happiness, love, and recognition. Try to analyze your strengths in order to prove yourself from the best side. Jupiter in Sagittarius will allow you to become delicate, pleasant and courteous, which will play into your hands. If this brings joy to you and your partner – you are on the right track.

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Under the influence of Mercury, which goes into the retro phase, difficulties can be outlined in your personal relationships. Perhaps there will be a desire to break out of the obsessive influence of a previous or new partner. Someone else’s control and importunity will very strongly irritate you. It’s time to break the energy bindings and speak frankly with a partner, then the pressure will be replaced by a stream of love and affection.

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It will take a little time, and Venus will move into Sagittarius. From November 2nd, those of you in love will begin the streak of luck. If this is about you, then you can start planning some important matters related to relationships. Everyone else can prepare for the difficult changes that you are afraid of. But there’s nothing to worry about: a sharp change in the energy of the patron will relieve tension, bring bright colors to life and allow you to find love.


The planets grouped in your sign will disperse the clouds in your personal life. Patience, wisdom, and understanding will refresh feelings. At the end of October, you can be especially emotional and sensitive. On this basis, you may have prophetic dreams, come vivid fantasies and bouts of true love, including unexpected: for example, in your own partner. But too intense activity in the love sphere can cause mild weakness and devastation, so try saving yourself for other things.

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For you in the relationship is advised to diversify your life together with romance, dating, and recognition. It is recommended that you come up with a program and entertainment so that neither you nor your partner gets bored: new impressions will strengthen the relationship, and Jupiter will create favorable conditions for this. For those of you who are in doubt or in free flight is best to engage in self-development or go headlong into the work.

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Venus will help you in matters of seduction and in establishing contacts. But its aspects to Mercury and Saturn indicate the danger of conflicts with a partner. On October 31st and November 2nd try to skip criticism and unpleasant words past your ears, even if they are not unfounded. Indeed, already in early November, it will become cloudless on the personal front, and short-term tension will be replaced by unexpected surprises and harmony.


Problems may come in early November when Mercury enters the retro phase. The gentle tailwind will be replaced by strong gusts of doubt and uncertainty. Positive thinking and the support of your partner will help maintain spiritual harmony at this time. Then Mercury will bring luck, both in business and in personal life. The only thing you should be aware of is: love turns will be slippery, so don’t blindly trust your feelings. From time to time, prudence must be included.


Venus in Scorpio will fetter your romantic and family relations, will increase the tension between the lovers, and therefore conflicts are possible. It is advisable to seek an outlet in romance, dating, and communication. Suitable warm evenings in private, joint leisure and correspondence. The main thing is to live without conflict until November 1st: Venus will move to Sagittarius, and the situation will change for the better.

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