Love horoscope for October 21st to 27th, 2019

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It’s getting colder outside, but this is not a reason for blues and a bad mood. In the sky – Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Libra. The first is responsible for mood swings and jealousy, the second for sensitivity and impulsivity. Prepare yourself for this and treat the events with a share of irony – then everything will go smoothly and without incident. Ensure harmony and comfort, surround loved ones with love, restrain yourself from rash acts.


The most insidious topic of this week is jealousy. Unforeseen circumstances, far-fetched suspicions, unfounded doubts can leave you in perplexity: where did the trust in the pair disappear? Active Neptune will provide such a mood, making you feel sad and doubtful. It is advisable preparing for this situation so as not to destroy the relationship. Joint leisure and communication will help to avoid problems.


Venus in Scorpio, which means that personal life can become a vulnerable spot. This week, radical changes are possible: scandals, breaks, high-profile disputes or the unexpected return of a former lover. For you, it is better to be fully armed. If possible, replenish energy and meditate to quickly navigate in a difficult situation.


It is advisable for you to meet the week as relaxed as possible and in a good mood. Venus will increase the risk of exacerbating past problems, conflicts, disputes, negative feelings, and other misfortunes. From the spleen, which this week may affect many, you will be saved by the company of a loved one in a relaxed romantic atmosphere. You can go to the movies to the premiere or take part in a party, the main thing is not to aggravate problems while sitting at home.

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Mars in Libra tells you: something will not work out with a partner or fans on social networks. Also, the antagonist planet will add problems: low mood, false fears, painful emotionality – all this will not affect the relationship in the best way. It is difficult to change the energy background, so try waiting out the problem period, being calm and solving any problems with the help of confidential conversations.


This week, the Sun will enter Scorpio, forcing you to remember that you are very selfish and arrogant. The mood can fluctuate: you will now swear, then cry, then act up. Most unlucky are those who fall under their hot hands. But, such a mood is partly useful: it will be possible to say something meaningful, to show your real feelings, as well as weaknesses. You can overcome misunderstandings and take relations to a new level.


The presence of Mars in Libra portends unexpected situations that are usually shown only in romantic films. No, there will be no tragedies, but the circumstances will make you nervous, especially those of you, who are in a long relationship. A week is associated with force majeure in love, so you should be on the alert and wait a bit with new acquaintances and dates. If you have a loved one, you need to spend maximum time with him: it will bring you closer. If not, comfort can be found in creativity.

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This week you are influenced by two planets at once: Venus and Mars. If you counted on improving relations or solving problems, then beware: in these topics, you will find some disappointment or unforeseen events. Perhaps, instead of harmony, difficulties and conflicts await. In order not to drown in the negative, try to work with energy.


In your sign will be a cluster of planets. This indicates a large number of events and impressions. It will not be boring. It is wonderful if those of you who are lonely, manage to get to know someone: a meeting can turn into an exciting novel. Those of you who are in a family and lovers, be ready to present emphasis on communication and correspondence. Gentle messages during lunch breaks are a great therapy for a fading passion.


The revitalization of Neptune promises a very delicate topic. If you have something to hide from a partner, then this week’s secrets may be revealed. Try to be more vigilant and careful. You can reveal all your cards to the rest. Frankness will bring significant changes in personal life. Perhaps there are new reasons to be together, it will turn out to be closer or get forgiveness. The main good news is that these changes are for the better.

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Mars promises to you something new in relationships with others or with a loved one. Big surprises are possible, up to the point that a colleague whom you have known for 10 years will turn out to be a secret admirer. In general, the week will surprise both family and single representatives of this sign. You will be now the most fortunate. In your life cardinal, but very favorable changes will occur.


Perhaps this week, you will have to resolve some serious issues at home. The chances of resolving all difficult moments and ambiguous situations are very high, and if there is an interest in improving relations, then this question can be raised. Reinforced Neptune suggests that it’s worth taking a closer look at those who are nearby: there may be someone who secretly loves, or the partner has some secrets. In any case, it makes sense to develop intuition and observe what is happening.


For the first time in recent years, you will fully experience the negative influence of Venus in Scorpio. Fateful encounters, unexpected events, and personal problems that are unsettling are possible. Try to strengthen energy so as not to lose faith in oneself due to obstacles that have arisen. Talking with a partner or family on exciting topics can be a great idea: loved ones will hear and try to understand.

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