Love horoscope for May 2019: stay calm!

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This month will be tense for many couples in love. In the first half of May, a number of difficulties in private life are expected, which can lead to serious conflicts and even break up. However, in the second half of the month, both loners and lovers will be able to find a solution to their problems.


In connection with the weakened position of Venus until the middle of the month, you can expect success in personal life. Those who are lonely, are encouraged to actively make new acquaintances with the opposite sex, take the initiative in terms of romantic dates and more often communicate with potential partners. From May 15th, couples should give each other a little more freedom and rarely sort things out, otherwise parting is inevitable.


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Those of you, who are lonely will feel the need to make more effort to find a soul mate. However, fate can laugh at you, if you show excessive perseverance. It is worth relying on chance, and then getting a partner will be much easier. From May 21st to 23th, those of you, who are in relationships should be on the alert. Patron-Moon will weaken in the constellation of Capricorn, and to save the relationship, you need to pay more attention to your loved one.


You can expect ups and downs. Someone will be able to raise the relationship to a new level and find love, but some will have to try to save the union or win a loved one. You should now think about attracting positive changes because, in May, fate will prepare a lot of surprises. More often try to impress your soul mate, and then lovers will be happy next to each other.


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May 4th and 5th are the most successful days for lovers and those in the family. The partner will be pleased with increased attention and unexpected surprises. In the second half of the month, lonely ones may long for the opposite sex, but this is only temporary. In May, those of you, who are lonely, should not expect significant changes in their personal lives, so you should devote more time to work, housework, or find a new hobby.

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You will be busy in May, and misunderstandings with a partner are quite likely, and it will be you who is responsible for the conflicts. To avoid negative consequences, you need to listen to your loved one, and not ignore his words and requests. Indeed, in some cases, even you may be wrong. Lonely Leo will make many new acquaintances. But it is not necessary yet to build illusions: a couple of dates still does not indicate a serious relationship.


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In May, try to rely more often on signs of fate. Singles can spend more time in the company with the opposite sex and make acquaintances in social networks. At the beginning of the month, lovers are expecting positive changes. Perhaps the partner will offer cohabitation or want to raise the relationship to a new level. And the most successful ones may be on the threshold of the marriage registration.


In May, Venus will be the main assistant in solving your personal problems. Do not go without quarrels with your loved one, and sometimes you will have to ask for forgiveness for your actions. However, you should not blame your partner in everything, the reason for increased attention is just a concern for a loved one. If you are single, you may hear a sincere declaration of love, but, unfortunately, you may not be at all interested in that person. However, the advice is to give relationships a chance.


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In personal life, you may face trials, but you will get rid of the black line in your personal life. In the first half of the month, if you are lonely, you will often have to compete with your rivals for the attention of the opposite sex, and after May 15th you will make a pleasant acquaintance that can turn into a serious relationship. If you are in love, you can decide to “time out”, and in general, relationships will now depend more on your steps, which you will make.

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In May, you will be very busy with work and affairs. Nevertheless, you can think about the future of your personal life. If you already have a loved one, you will have to prove your feelings, as your loved one may doubt your sincerity. However, you do not need to perform heroic deeds, you just need to pay more attention to your loved one.


May 1st, patron Mars will be in aspects with Mercury and Saturn. And at this time, many of you will face a fateful meeting that will change their lives. It is this moment that will leave pleasant impressions about the coming month and make you believe in sincere love. Those who are in a pair need to remind their soulmate of their feelings, and it is better to do this in the form of a beautifully written confession. A loved one will appreciate your rush and will return a sign of attention.


In May, you will begin to lead an active lifestyle. You will want to spend more time outside the home and make acquaintances with the opposite sex. However, the Universe does not promise a serious relationship and tremendous changes in your personal life. Family representatives should be more careful when communicating with a loved one, as the sensitivity in May will increase, and you can accidentally offend your partner.


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In May, the influence of the Moon and Venus will have a beneficial effect on your personal life. Many will be able to find a soul mate, legitimize relationships and even learn about replenishment in the family. Those of you, who are lonely, should increase confidence to boldly make acquaintances with the opposite sex and not be afraid of failure. In the coming month, you really need to believe in yourself, which will instantly increase your attractiveness in the eyes of others.

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