Love horoscope for June 2019

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The first month of summer will be very hot, and we are not talking about the weather: there is an impressive amount of favorable aspects of the planets in the sky. The time has come not only to connect the imagination but also to embody plans relating to relationships – this is evidenced by Mars in Cancer (sensuality and creative activity on high) and the Sun in Gemini (you can safely declare yourself). The winners will be couples whose feelings are time-tested. Particularly important will be the opportunity to share concerns and hear words of approval. Those who are just on the threshold of new love will be helped by patience, as well as, forecasts, to go through the thorns of June.


You should stop fantasizing and start acting. Mars will stay in Cancer from June 1st to 30th, and if you wait for the right moment, you can wait a whole month. You should not stand idle in June: it is you who can be happy and set the tone for the whole summer. Try to prove that you are not only passionate and romantic but also energetic, bold and practical when necessary. It is best to follow the voice of your heart. Intuition will tell you where there is a chance for happiness, and where it is not.


Everything at the beginning of summer will be circling around you. If you are in love, this month will bring you great pleasure from the time spent alone with the significant other. Try to learn to accept yourself and your desires. Venus on June 9th will move to the constellation of Gemini, where it will remain until the end of the month, which means there will be a chance to enjoy feelings, walk under the scorching Sun, fall in love, discover something unusual in the usual. The influence of the planet will give everything more softness and mystery, and feelings and actions will become much more important than words.


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In June, the Sun and Venus will meet in the Gemini Sign along with Mercury, giving start to the happiest metamorphosis of the year. In a festive atmosphere do not forget about the feelings of a partner and joint plans. Stars will help to draw the right conclusions, understand the reasons for failures and recognize your strengths. For a whole month, those of you, who are in love, will become self-confident and you will want to take your own. Do not be afraid to talk about your feelings, take the initiative, go out of the shadow after a pause or separation. It is advisable to give the partner attention and often admire him.

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A month full of surprises is waiting for. Venus is in Gemini, and the antagonist Mars will hold June in the Sign of Cancer. By virtue of such an ambiguous astrological picture, you will have to do something completely new, which you have never done in your life. If you suddenly want to radically change your life, move to another city or start a romance, the stars will help with this, but only after June 9th. The most important thing is to seize the moment without wasting time on doubts and prejudices. Those of you who are lonely need to look for love in the usual conditions, for example, among friends and girlfriends. But in a stable relationship will zest, fresh breeze. Even a dead-end relationship will suddenly get off the ground.


Your personal life will be so bright and unusual that everything else will fade into the shadows. The reason is the Sun, located in Gemini from June 1st to 20th. Plans will change at lightning speed, and there will be much more communication and romantic gestures in relationships. Even if you are still lonely, you will arrange your happiness, the main thing is to beware of evil glory. By insulting or deceiving others, you will risk reputation. For the rest, you are still desperately lucky. However, unexpected turns are possible, so you should prepare for improvisation, which will definitely help to be at the very top.


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The stars hint to you that in June it’s time to sort out your desires. This month, Neptune will turn back, forcing you to seriously think about the meaning of life, the highest manifestation of love, your spiritual path, mission, main mission. If this requires a mentor, look for him nearby. This month, the planets are so supportive for you that they will allow you to correct some errors, as well as overcome internal barriers. Do not be afraid to appear as a romantic and philosopher at the same time: in this role, you will be irresistible for everyone.

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Venus has prepared for you a sharp turn of events. After June 9th, all processes will accelerate, and it will be difficult to keep up with them. Urgent action, bold initiatives, and decisive steps will be required. It is advised not to spend a lot of time weighing the pros and cons, otherwise, luck will slip away. June will remind you of the importance of intimate harmony and determination in relationships. Events can go on an unexpected scenario, and to keep love will be more difficult than usual. Against this background, a crisis period is possible. The binding thread will remain the similarity of worldviews: it is necessary to speak with a partner in the same language, to understand and feel it.


You can be envied. Despite the fact that Mars in Cancer will not give you any obvious success, it will give a lot more – the feeling that you managed to catch a headwind and find the right path leading to happiness. It is advised to read the prompts of the Universe, which will send almost every day. This month it will be possible to choose the best of the directions. And it is possible that it will be associated with a new love story. The main thing is to decide what you want: stability and reliability, or romance and sensuality.


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It is important to listen to yourself, especially at the beginning of the month. Feelings are not deceived and will help you to understand why the atmosphere in a relationship suddenly changed drastically or why it became uncomfortable next to your loved one. In any case, in June you will have to look for compromises and ask yourself the right questions. Self-development and meditation is the best cure for problems. However, you should not worry about your partner until the situation clears up: it is important to maintain the feeling of happiness and ease, which will keep the relationship afloat.

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Everything that will happen in your soul this month is worthy of attention. On the agenda of the month – the influence of Mars, located in the sensual constellation of Cancer. Start keeping a diary, to devote more time to inner experiences, take note of important thoughts. This will be a therapy that will help maintain a great mood and restrain negative emotions. And it’s time to open to a partner. Mental conversations, analysis of problems, the transition to a new stage of development are useful – in general, everything that will help you become happier and get closer to your partner.


For you, this month is waiting for a full range of feelings: loud quarrels, laughter, tears, aggression, jealousy, envy, insecurity, joy. It is extremely important to preserve peace and harmony, to devote more time to your loved one and relationships in general. The patron planet is able to help you as much as possible if you find the right direction, the right words.


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Try to think about your personal life at the beginning of the month. The fact is that this month will be held under the auspices of Venus in Gemini and will affect the sphere of relations the most. From June 9th to 30th, the outcome of events is almost impossible to predict, so you have to adjust to what will be. Important support will give an understanding of the goals and plans. At the beginning of the month, it will be possible to answer the main questions, if, of course, you are not afraid to find out the truth. It is useful to meditate, think, read wise books. Undoubtedly, Venus promises you and your beloved mutual feelings, harmony and sincere love, but there is also a trick – impulsiveness. It is best to tune in to the energy of chaos – order is born in it, and of course love, which is important.

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