Love horoscope for July, 2018

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In love, the most dangerous is the dependence on the opinions of the surrounding people. Happiness will come into your life if you allow yourself to become absolutely indifferent to what other people think of you. This is especially important in July, which, according to astrologers, will be a very difficult month for most of the Zodiac Signs.

The first day of July will be incredibly powerful in terms of energy. The end of the month will be even more successful. The whole month is great for dating, prioritizing, strengthening love relationships. It’s better to be in love as generously as possible in the first nine to ten days of the month. In general, July will be incredibly positive from the point of view of the energy of the planets. Fortune is on your side.

If you want to change life for the better, it can be done with the help of dreams. In July, dreams can tell you the right way in love. July 3rd, 4th, 8th, 9th, 12th, 13th, 30th and 31st, these days your subconscious will open and bring out your strengths. It will be days in which at least somehow it will be possible to establish communication with people and find love. The rest of the time you can expect great problems and difficulties. July 27th is the most dangerous day of the month: the longest Lunar eclipse will take place in the 21st century. On the same day, there will be a maximum force of opposition to Mars. The planet will approach us the most, so its energy will be destructive. In love for you will come not the best of times – beware of betrayal, jealousy and envy, as well as rudeness.

The most favorable period for the love affairs for Gemini – are July 5th, 6th and 7th.  Until July 25th, everything will be quiet in the love front. You may have bad habits that can destroy your life and lead to new problems. Someone from those who used to love you can try to return the relationship. Up to July 9th, this period of time, try to spend in seclusion. After July 9th, even solitude will not help you focus on the main things. Love will require you to respect your partner, family and friends. Only in this way will you be able to maintain stability. In general, the month will be extremely calm and stable for you.


On July 3rd, 4th, 8th, 9th, 12th, 13th, 30th and 31st, you will be lucky in love, so it’s better to make appointments to these numbers. July 14th, 15th, 20th,21st, 22nd, 25th, 26th and 27th, are the most dangerous days. You can become less self-confident. The most dangerous days are July 25th, 26th and 27th. On the 27th, there will be an eclipse in Capricorn. Not only in love, but also in other areas you will need to be extremely cautious. In adverse days, you can try to use meditation to attract a loved one. If you are already in a relationship, then try not to harass the interests of your soul mate in July.  Aggression and rudeness can article fatal errors in love.

The fact is that the stars promise you a lot of deception in July, which can result in parting and quarreling. This will only be relevant until July 23rd. Starting from July 23rd, will be easier for you to succeed in love affairs and find a soul mate, to elevate the relationship to a new level. At the end of the month for you will be the most successful three days – on July 25th, 26th and 27th. 27th is the lunar eclipse. It will be a good day for new acquaintances. The most dangerous days of the month are July 8th and 9th. You can become very depressed, vulnerable, capricious and impulsive. In love, such qualities are very dangerous.

From July 26th, it is better to spend the end of the month in solitude. Do not impose on other people and your soul mate – try to resolve your conflicts diplomatically, without swearing and ultimatums. If you are now in a relationship, then a joint change of scenery will not do you good in late July. Until July 9th, you should open up to this world. Take advantage of this for your own purposes to get to know the person who you like.

For Libra, July will be extremely dangerous and negative.On July 10th, you have to defend your beliefs, because the pressure of society on you can dramatically increase. Surrounding people may want to make you think as comfortable as they are. Choose a difficult path – it will teach you a lot. You can become cruel and jealous. Do not be so with those you love, if you want to stay afloat. Effective meditation will help to get rid of jealousy.

This month will be ideal for love games and flirting. You should devote this time for love and romance. Astrologers note that weddings in July for representatives of your Sign will be incredibly successful. Your assertiveness and passion will help you achieve what you want. Despite the fact that this month can be incredibly positive, Scorpios should think about whether to make important decisions in love. For example, before creating a family and a wedding it is worth checking the compatibility in marriage. Before the first date is to understand what goals you pursue and what you want. Be honest with people you like.

On July 26th, your love success can be positively affected. Do not to miss the chance and dedicate the end of the month to finding your soul mate or strengthening relationships. Do not be afraid to make new acquaintances in the second half of July. Encourage people to fall in love with you, remain optimistic, increase your authority.


July 27th, is the most important day of this month. Love adventures will benefit you, if you are not yet in a relationship. A sense of humor, openness will help to find your soul mate. The most dangerous days for Capricorns are July 8th and 9th. All this time, especially on July 8th and 9th, it is worth keeping a close watch on your mood. You will need more support from others. Do not reject the attempts of loved ones to help you.
July will be a very stable time for you. Life principles should not be changed, because they can save you in a difficult situation, can help you make an important decision about the further development of relations. Since July 23rd, you should be as sharp as possible with your emotions. This can lead to the emergence of feelings, depressive mood. Take care of joint business, so as not to distance yourself from your soul mate. If you are alone, do not shut yourself in no way. Learn how to protect against energy vampires – you may have many ill-wishers.

All problems in love will be predictable. Your worst character traits can lead to conflicts with your loved one. Try to improve yourself and become better, because sooner or later the time will come when you decide to change for the better. Moreover, on July 26th, a change in the situation and internal state will be an excellent solution. On July 10th, in a relationship with a loved one can begin a period of quarrels. Difficulties in communicating with others will greatly affect the ability to make new acquaintances. In general, you can become more greedy, that in love is absolutely unacceptable. Give people their good and time – they will repay you the same. Do not put conditions for those you love.

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