Love horoscope for February 10th to 16th, 2020

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Love horoscope for February 10th to 16th tells that Venus and the Moon will arrange for us the most difficult week in February. The strongest storm will be business and personal. Without exception, everyone is advised to take care of a reliable rear, whether it be a partner or just a close friend. If possible,  protect against negative illwishers. To do this, try to think more about good and meditate. Ahead is Valentine’s Day, and unnecessary problems are unwanted. 


Secret dates, passionate confessions, double life – all this looks tempting, and your ardent nature may not resist the temptation. The hot atmosphere of Valentine’s Day will add fuel to the fire, when a comic exchange of valentines can get an unexpected continuation. In any case, the week will be remembered for a long time: You will be so romantically inclined that you will go to any follies for the sake of love. It remains to wish you to refrain from too crazy deeds.


Love horoscope for February 10th to 16th tells that Mars will give you a rather busy week, provoking you to the most unpredictable and crazy actions: spontaneous dates, bold gifts, dating in strange places. With so much initiative, energy and impulsiveness, you can find yourself in a whirlpool of intrigue, or you can meet new passion or spark new feelings for your partner – fortunately, you have the right to choose.

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Outside your window – in February, and in your hearts – a temporary lull. You will be so emotional and vulnerable that it will be very difficult for others to please you. Love horoscope for February 10th to 16th advise you to work with emotions and pull yourself together. Otherwise, you will have to spend Valentine’s Day alone or in a quarrel. Now it is very important to avoid cold feelings due to increased demands and resentment. Having found a place for romance and time for surprises, you can win much more.



Love horoscope for February 10th to 16th tells that you can await a fairy tale with a very interesting continuation until spring. St. Valentine will finally bring you all the best that is in its arsenal: kisses to goosebumps, dizzy dates, and gifts to tears of joy. Some of you may receive a coveted marriage proposal this week. True, sitting and waiting for all this to fall from the sky is not worth it. Stars do not exempt from the initiative, on the contrary, it is time to get amorous arrows.


This week, you will perhaps be the only one to whom Love horoscope for February 10th to 16th does not advise to relax, especially in a new relationship. The thing is that the risk of becoming involved in a double game or a toxic relationship will increase. Vigilance, calmness, and intuition will play a good service – do not ignore the inner voice. Well, those of you, who are in a strong relationship, the stars recommend not to get involved in surprises. A calm and romantic evening for two is a worthy gift for Valentine’s Day.

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The Universe warns you: this week many will envy you. The reason lies on the surface: the planets promise a bright and sensual romance. Even if you are already a hundred years in a relationship, St. Valentine will remind you of how you go crazy with love. The main role will be played by dreams. If you want to arrange a holiday and surprise your partner, achieve the attention of a person or admit feelings, just remember your desires and do everything as imagined in your dreams.

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Love horoscope for February 10th to 16th says that you can turn any, even the most terrible day into a real holiday. This week, your talents will help melt someone’s heart. True, there is one unpleasant moment: feelings can flare up, which you can later regret. The person will be “wrong”, therefore, it is advised for those of you who are lonely to stay away from strangers.


The stars are sure: this week you will succeed. Cupid’s arrow can overtake you on a trip, on the way to work, and even to the movies. Among the gray everyday life you can see the signs of the approaching love. The key to the heart of a loved one will be in the ability to create interest to yourself. It is recommended that every effort be made to surround your person of interest with tenderness, and then the response feelings will exceed all expectations.


Your mood and desires this week will change almost every hour. Attacks of longing can be interspersed with scenes of jealousy, a feeling of joy with dissatisfaction, and laughter with tears. Due to the fault of emotions, you can find yourself in a very unpleasant situation, so Love horoscope for February 10th to 16th advises you to use meditation practices to achieve inner harmony. A calm and romantic mood is exactly what it takes to be happier this month.

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Before February 14th, a love theme can excite inaccessible such people as you. This is the challenge that the stars have prepared for them. Now comes the moment when it is time to pay attention to romance, feelings, to pamper yourself and your partner. But sitting in an ambush, you will not show merit, so you need to go out and declare yourself. If for some reason the situation gets out of hand, there is always a way to be a winner.


Many of you in mid-February will decide to change something in your relationship, and this step will positively affect their future. The most important thing is not to rush into making a decision, but to analyze your situation as dispassionately as possible: some will bring luck in recognition of feelings, and someone will probably have to put an end to toxic relationships. Love horoscope for February 10th to 16th advises you to listen to your heart, then it will be possible to attract positive changes.


Before Valentine’s Day, lovers and sentimental people as you will be in their element. But for the happy development of events, counter efforts will be required. Fortunately, the planets are on your side, which means that in this week you can do everything – all the puzzle pieces will match. Especially if you decides to spend a holiday outside the house. The stars will arrange everything in the best way: romance, candles, and words that you have been waiting for for so long.

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