Love horoscope for December 2nd to 8th, 2019

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Love horoscope for December 2nd to 8th says that judging by the arrangement of stars and planets, a calm time awaits us when no shocks will spoil life. You can relax and harmonize your relationship.

So we are heading for love, looking at New Year’s gifts, talking heart to heart with relatives, looking for inspiration. Love horoscope for December 2nd to 8th will help you with this.


Mars will spend this week in Scorpio, which means you will be surprised to find that people are much more complex than you thought. The partner will open to you completely from different sides, and it is quite possible that from the dark side. As a result, your environment will begin to gradually change. In general, at the beginning of December, there will be many changes and events, but it is important to find time for spiritual practices, relaxation, and pleasant things. And if you have to disassemble old problems, pay more attention to them: they themselves will not be solved.


The moon in Pisces, active from December 3rd to 5th, promises you correspondence, communication and a lot of emotions. You will quarrel, put up, declare your love, or with sadness in your hearts, ask for forgiveness from a partner. In preparation for the New Year, try to deal with unresolved personal problems and think about what can be done to harmonize feelings: discuss everything, take a break, go to a family psychologist?

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In your personal life, serious passions will boil and seethe emotions: Mercury in Scorpio. In a couple, someone may be terribly offended, and someone will continue to glow. Try thinking several times before quarreling. It is much better now to focus on the internal state because a week can bring a crucial moment for personal life. You are advised to think: are you happy with your current position or is there something to change?

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No matter how much you are afraid of change, if you want happiness, you have to face the truth. This week, Venus, who is in the pragmatic Capricorn, will help to excel in personal affairs, will present an opportunity to solve urgent problems and  find a way out of their crisis. Those of you who are in love can finally confess your feelings and take several decisive steps. New encounters and hobbies are possible: this week, vibes of love literally soar in the air.


Under the auspices of the Sun, in Sagittarius, an atmosphere of love, understanding, and peace will prevail in relations. And it’s worth enjoying, spending more time with your loved one. Try to seize the opportunity and buy gifts for your family: it is in early December that you will be able to guess their desires and give something that will delight them.


Mercury and Mars have taken a favorable position for short trips, a change of scenery and new experiences. If you want to diversify your personal life, start to fulfill it. It is worth paying attention to the partner and family, while there is still time to “tighten the tails.” Indeed, very soon the New Year’s mess will swirl, and new difficulties will appear. A stranger will easily experience indifference in communication, but not with your beloved.

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The theme of love will overtake you this week. If new hobbies or fans appear, remember: current feelings will be fleeting and not so deep. However, those of you who are free will receive good lessons and a new experience. But those of you who are in a family should find food for thought and vivid insights. Try to write down everything that happened over the past 3 months, and everything that you understood about love: the conclusions will certainly amaze.


The meeting of Mars and Mercury in the constellation Scorpio indicates that this week you will have a lot of talk and thoughts about relationships and the future. It is very important to take this issue seriously and decide what you want from life and feelings. By the weekend, you can relax, go with your loved one out of town and have a perfect date there.

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For you begins a festive season, and while the Sun is in your sign, you have every right to be a little capricious. Dreams will come true by themselves, so you can make wishes. Try enjoying feelings, enjoying life and making dates, even if there is no reason. December for you is a happy month that will give bright and pleasant moments.

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Venus in Capricorn promises a quiet and measured week for you. Charm and confidence will be at your best, so you can safely get involved in working on relationships: it will turn out ahead of schedule to complete everything that was supposed to be completed next year. For you will begin a bright streak, even if you do not think so. One has only to try positive thinking, and the picture of the world will immediately acquire new bright colors.


Active Saturn will help you succeed this week. If there is a need to talk with a loved one and discuss everything in detail, you can safely go on the offensive: serious conversations in early December will be as successful as possible. This week is also perfect for solitude and spiritual pursuit. The main difficulty is to understand yourself. If this succeeds, all areas of life will begin to develop more rapidly.


This week, you should not try to achieve ambitious goals at work or school. The Moon in Pisces suggests: good news await you in a completely different place. This week, especially it’s first half is wonderful for feelings, love, communication, and participation in public events. Try succumbing to the flow and try something new: it will bring pleasure, a boost of inspiration and, possibly, long-awaited happiness.

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