Love horoscope for August, 2018

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For some Zodiac Signs, the coming month will be quite successful. Love is an important element of full happiness. Many people have been searching for true love and happy relationships for many years, but is it really up to us?


Thanks to the strong energy, you can gain confidence and make new acquaintances with the opposite sex. The worst day of this month is August 8th. You can have quarrels and disagreements with your loved one, which can lead to a break in relations. To avoid parting, you need to restrain your emotions and, if possible, give in to your loved one. This is not the best time to clarify the relationship with a partner.


From August 1st to 6th, attempts to establish personal life will be unsuccessful. At this time it is not recommended to make acquaintances, make appointments or confess your feelings. The most successful day for such actions is August 25th, at that time Fortune will smile for Taurus. Throughout the month, you may have problems and troubles. However, this does not mean that you will not have good luck. Lonely Taurus should avoid dating in questionable social networks. For you who are already in the relationship, should be more patient and not react to the provocations of your loved one, because quarrels can turn into parting.


In August, Gemini will have to endure serious difficulties, and many of them will affect your personal life. The most dangerous days are August 9th and 22nd. This time can lead to a lot of trouble. These days, try to reduce communication with a loved one and spend more time at home. Despite a number of problems, you can find a way out even from the most difficult situation.

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At the beginning of the month you will have the opportunity to radically change your life and find true love. The most successful days for making important decisions and active actions are on August 4th and 5th. At this time, you will be able to gain confidence and overcome your fears. Within a month, you can get trouble. The most dangerous day is August 26th. There is a possibility of conflicts with a loved one on the basis of distrust and jealousy.


Excessive self-confidence of Leo can cause big quarrels with your soul mate. Try to direct forces in the right direction. At this time, Leo will be able to prove themselves at work, which will promote career growth, or spend time searching for new talents. During the month, you will suffer several bad days – August 4th, 5th and 31st. At this time, you may have problems not only in personal, but in other spheres of life. Mood swings, aggression and impulsiveness at this time will be normal.


The coming month promises for Virgo many positive changes. It will be easier to find a soul mate, and for you, who have already gained their love, will finally be able to raise the relationship to a new level. In August, the mood will be affected and can turn into an unreasonable aggression. The most dangerous day for new acquaintances and visits is on August 23rd. On this day it is better to devote time to work, home affairs or self-development.

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From August 1st to 6th, you can get additional problems both in love and at work. On August 1st and 2nd, is not the best time for making responsible decisions and new beginnings. The best time to implement the planned plans is on August 6th. The best time to confess your feelings to a loved one and make an appointment.


You will need a lot of energy to find your true love. However, it can happen at any time. To not miss the signs of fate, foreshadowing love, you need to be on your guard. Sometimes, in order to find happiness in your personal life, you need to show confidence, take a responsible step and make a meeting with the person you like. The most favorable day for romantic dates is August 2nd. At this time, the time spent with your loved one will not pass in vain. At any time, a simple sympathy can develop into strong feelings, which will push the Scorpios to the beginning of a serious relationship.


From August 8th to August 10th, this time will have a positive impact on your personal life. Despite the fact that for people born under the auspices of this constellation, work remains a priority, in these days try to postpone business and go in search of love. Perhaps, it is on this day that you will be able to meet your true partner in life. On August 4th and 5th, you can feel mood swings.

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This month it will be easier to find your love, and to establish relations with the current partner. The solution to joint problems is best postponed to August 8th, 10th, 18th and 28th. In these days, frank conversations heart-to-heart do not end in an unpleasant scandal, but, on the contrary, will help preserve love. On the last day of the month, you should be pointed. You can have sudden problems, disagreements with others. On this day, try to be more patient, not to react to criticism and reproaches of a loved one. August 31st is not the best time to clarify the differences.


The most successful day is August 28th. At this time, for whose, who still did not find their love, will have a chance to establish a personal life. To do this, you must finally leave the comfort zone and realize all the charms of serious relationships and the benefits of living together with your loved one. During the month, interference can be detrimental to your life. Try to be more careful during your acquaintances and not to date unfamiliar people.


One of the most unfavorable days is August 29th. At this time, you can have problems with your loved one. Increased emotionality can cause doubts about the partner’s loyalty, but do not give in to negative thoughts, since suspicions are likely to be unfounded. Despite minor difficulties, you will have a lot of pleasant moments to live through. On August 4th, 5th and 31st, try to spend more time with your loved one. You will have energy to cope with the uncertainty and openly proclaim your feelings to the beloved person.

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