Love horoscope for a week from June 4th to June 10th 2018

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If this week you completely accidentally decide to start a new life, pull yourself together and begin to monitor everything that is happening, then you have almost no chances for success. In the period from June 4th to June 10th, you will have to enjoy spontaneity and impulsiveness – you have no other choice.

The coming week will inspire Aries and make them believe in the best outcome of the events. This week you need to be quieter than water, below the grass, be afraid of romantic, fervent confessions and other things. Dimensionality, stability, watching a movie with a partner is perhaps the craziest thing you can afford. Otherwise, you risk dragging yourself into a whirlpool of events of such tension, to which you will not be ready.


June will be rich in nostalgia. This week, enamored Taurus more than once will face shortcomings in the nature of the partner, so they will want to return for a short while into a happy past. Do not aggressively resist the flaws of a loved one: the result will be negligible, but the major problems in the pair are guaranteed. In addition, the meaning of your words can often slip past the ears of the passion. Concretely, at this time, intimacy is much more important than working on relationships.

Gemini in early June, will use the “hard experience of past relationships.” The past will pop up on you on every corner. The understatement, the old squabbles and half-forgotten conflicts, the mistakes of youth, the repentant former ones, will all float to you, so you have to arm yourself with a broom. In compensation, you will get an intense fortune and a lot of small but happy accidents. This week you can come close to your goal, it is enough to have a mature attitude towards romantic connections.

This coming week, some Cancers can hold in confusion. The only vulnerability can become vanity. Do not be particularly sensitive to the words and actions of a partner. However, a heightened sense of its importance will not allow paying any sharp remarks. In this state, you will awaken all seven days, and not understanding to the end what is happening to your personal life.

The development of relations that awaits Leo in early June may seem catastrophic. However, it is too early to draw conclusions. This week you may break with old relationships, attachments and habits. A great period for burning all the bridges that connect you with a long-time, but a hopeless partner. Losing anything you want in June will be easy for you, so try not to dramatize.


Fear of energy losses will cause your subconscious mind to be even more stingy and economical to use any resources, especially emotional ones. As a result, you may feel that you are looking at the world through a dull glass: it seems to be supposed to be loved, but instead you will experience misunderstanding. The longing for strong feelings lasts all week, not only for you, but for your partner.

For representatives of Libra this week can be negative. Try to take yourself and the events of life under control, otherwise the problems in the pair will only accumulate. Lonely Libra need to go on dates. This week, your behavior will be impulsive, adding to this the desire to attract the attention of the opposite sex. This week is ideal for finding the second half, and the chance of a happy (hopefully) future is very great for Libra.

Attacks of love for a partner will chase the Scorpio all week. Loneliness, which you so cherish, will lose all its charm – you will want to be with your loved one all your free time. And the more you give in to this call, the more correctly you act. You will see, this week you will be inexcusably happy in all respects.

Sagittarians should be prepared for the fact that in a pair may arise quarrels, disagreements and misunderstandings. So it would not hurt to pre-tune in a peaceful way. Think about how to resolve the conflict that has not yet started, so that your family happiness is not affected by the negative energy.


Capricorn is considered a cold-blooded and faithful Sign. But not in the upcoming week! The desire for passion, intrigue and attention of the partner will take over the Capricorns top. Interestingly, you will get the necessary amount of energy and initiative to start producing new, unexplored emotions from Monday. The chances of success in love are very huge. The main thing – do not be conceited and do not try to change your partner.

The coming week offers Aquarius a difficult choice: either to vigorously interact with a loved one, bumping into reproaches and contradictions every day, or spending more time alone, doing self-criticism. If you are tired of the relationship and dissatisfaction of the partner, the stars recommend burning the bridges. Whatever it is, try to make a choice in favor of loneliness. Astrological tendencies favor internal changes in your life.

Love sphere and relations with a partner, in which you do not agree something, may require you to pay special attention this week. If you manage to hold your temper and do not flare up, the family paradise, undermined with time will normalize and everything will go as before. Just now, all the innuendos and secrets that you would prefer to forget will be highlighted. Do not panic, this is only a small test of strength.

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