Love horoscope for a week from June 25th to July 1st, 2018

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Without love, life for most people makes no sense.

Happiness in love and friendship will be quite palpable, but shaky and unstable. You may have new opportunities, but at the same time envious. To get rid of problems and negativity on the part of your ill-wishers, try to put an unbreakable amulet against the evil eye.

For Taurus in love, everything can be quite predictable and understandable this week. The exception is only Thursday and Friday. These days, enthusiasm will leave you, and intuition will weaken. Support from relatives and friends is also not worth waiting for. If you want to minimize all possible risks, use effective whispers for luck.

Until June 28th, inclusive, you should act according to the usual plan. Starting from the 29th the situation will change a little, but not for the worse. In the attraction of love special rites will help you. Even without any extra effort on your part, weekend and Friday can become very successful days for love games, romance and flirting.


Monday and Tuesday are the most dangerous days of the week. Even your charisma will not help you to correct the mistakes that you can make. In dealing with the other half, extreme caution will be necessary. Positive phrases will help you cheer up, so do not lose your sense of humor. Starting from Wednesday, try to fight with your stubbornness, which can cause conflicts with your loved one.

Have the courage and talk about sore points with your soul mate. Honesty works wonders – in this you will have the opportunity to be fully convinced on Wednesday and Sunday. In general, love compatibility with almost any type of people will be higher than usual. This can be taken as advantage. Try not to waste time, get acquainted and look for your love – it is somewhere near.

Thoughts play a big role in attracting love, but words are of particular importance. There are affirmation that are useful to tell yourself in front of a mirror to attract good luck in love. This technique will help to avoid problems on Monday, Thursday and at the weekend. You can feel disappointed in yourself and in your partner. Do not focus on problems.

It is likely that you will have to survive a small crisis of relations this week. These seven days will be very dangerous. Do not be too selfish. If you are in search of love, you will have to be extremely honest with those who like you. On Monday, Thursday and Sunday, July 1st, try to activate all your internal resources to achieve the best success in love. In terms of emotions, the week will be full.

On Monday and Tuesday, follow your principles and beliefs in love. There is a chance that the events on June 25th and 26th, in the sphere of love will exceed all your expectations. These will be the brightest days, but then luck can turn away from you. About changes for the better will warn some unusual events. Perhaps the emergence of intrigue, unpredictable twists of fate, so it’s unlikely you will be bored.

Only Monday, Thursday and Saturday will be for you days of love success. Do not be afraid to experiment, especially if you are already in a long relationship. It’s time to breathe new life into your love. Striving for something new is one of the habits of successful people. Do not wait for the wind of change – make favorable weather for yourself.

This week will be quite difficult for you. To learn about the approach of danger, follow the signs of the universe. Trust your intuition in the coming seven days. If you have sudden outbursts of jealousy, then it is better to suppress them by any means, otherwise your second half can just run away. If you are in search, then do not be afraid of failure – now they can teach you a lot.

It will be a promising week. Especially it is worth highlighting June 27th, June 30th and July 1st. Try to control your emotions, because the excessive quick temper of representatives of your Zodiac Sign can get out of control. Do not rely on luck alone – be active, fight for your happiness.

Pisces should be more careful on Friday and on weekends, because their mood will change. Saturday at all will be a very dangerous day for love games and acquaintances. If you are in a relationship, then at the end of the week it’s better not to give a loved one a reason to be jealous of you. For lonely Pisces is better not to go in search for love on Saturday and Sunday. Devote this time to working on yourself to get determined and look at everything from the side.

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