Love horoscope for a week from June 18th to June 24th, 2018

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For lovers, this week will present several happy days that will fall on the weekend. Nothing special will happen from Monday to Friday, so be patient. It’s not until Saturday that something incredible happens that will give your personal relationship a good chance. There is a chance that this event will exceed all your expectations.


For Taurus, stars prepared a gift. The Universe warns: a dangerous week is coming, and virtually no one can predict the exact development of the plot. Do not force events, it is likely that with your imprudent steps you will suddenly unintentionally frighten away your happiness. The most vivid and stormy days promise to be on June 21st and 22nd – you, and your partner will be set for mutual understanding and love.

For the lonely and family Gemini, the coming week heralds some changes in personal life. First of all, you will change. Your strong character traits can break out, and if they are restrained, they will be replaced by painful sensitivity. From June 18th to June 20th it will be easier to understand yourself and find happiness in love. It is these days you can be able to open a new chapter in your love story.

For representatives of Cancers in the period from June 18th to 24th, it is desirable to slightly adjust the image and behavior. You can begin to build yourself an adult child, which is extremely not like your companion. Temporarily stop demanding attention. Your love can bear fruit, if you are determined, and talk with your loved one about what excites you the most.

Leo is waiting a promising week, especially significant will be the weekend. Work on yourself and your self-esteem, because in these seven days one of your attractiveness can open any doors. At least, thanks to the charm, you will be able to avoid the escalation of negative emotions, and as a maximum, you will force a partner to fall in love with you even more.


Do not rely on luck, but choose the right strategy of behavior and stick to it until Sunday. Do not change your words, attitudes and love ideals. A crushing turn of events awaits those of you who tend to measure love with beauty, money and other external attributes.

From Monday to Wednesday, try to finish the current affairs related to work, because on June 20th, the “cold” phase in your life will be melted. Starting from Thursday, the relationship with a loved one will become warmer and require attention. If you are alone, try to update old relationships or look for new love.

The life of Scorpio lovers in the week from June 18th to June 24th, will cease to be boring and fresh. You will start to feel boiling passion, intrigue, unpredictability, jealousy. Be aware of a very difficult period, but which, perhaps, you will like. This week is able to dramatically change your life, turning the course of your life upside down.

Disillusionment in oneself, partner and relationships will cause Sagittarius to suffer, while this disappointment is just one sign that your personal life will soon change. Do not focus on those thoughts that make you doubt yourself or your beloved person, it’s better to start watching small everyday events – they will be read by the prompts of fate.


You will find a very busy week in terms of emotions, not only positive, but also negative. Only a loved one will help you cope with the onslaught of stars. Be careful and take care of your partner. This week he is your everything. Even if you do not feel, later a loved one will understand how much you mean to him and will do everything possible to thank you for it.

A great week for experiments – in your personal life and feelings. The horoscope will give a very positive love background – your love has all the chances to increase significantly, get stronger, especially if you try for this. The oppressed mood and apathy that will overtake you at the beginning of the week can be dispelled by spiritual practices with your loved one.

This week, Pisces’ loving representatives will be at their best: all desires will be realized, the partner and family members will appreciate you and your actions with dignity. The only thing that can prevent a successful move forward is sudden outbursts of jealousy, which can embroil you with a loved one. Take care of yourself and control your emotions.

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