Love horoscope for a week from June 11th to June 17th, 2018

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The coming week promises to be the most intense this June.

June 13th will be New Moon, whose influence will last until the end of June, and against the background of the retro phases of Jupiter and Saturn, the period will be rich in surprises in personal life. But this is not all, we are waiting for other surprises in terms of astrological events. And all of them will be like pushing us to strengthen relations, find soul mate, love for real.

The astrological tendencies of this week, can make Aries repeatedly more perseveringly and more decisively in love. It is possible that these days you are not inspired by the actions of a loved one who will bring bonuses in the distant future. Now you can focus on getting results here and now, and no later – you will not be satisfied. But lonely Aries will be able to show their strengths to achieve the location of the object of passion.


This week, the most favorable day will be Wednesday. Taurus in the coming week should not miss words (reproaches, criticism and dissatisfaction) from partner. Even if the accusations of a loved one seem to you frivolous and devoid of meaning: the result will be new useful conclusions that will help improve relations. In any case, this behavior of the partner will be beneficial for you.

The week does not promise to be cloudless. The universe suggests: you will have to audit the relationship, and together with your loved one. If the reassessment of the novel does not satisfy you, do not take hasty decisions. Try to think more carefully about your words, look for a compromise or a joint solution, and also work on the mistakes. Lonely Gemini will develop the correct tactics of behavior with representatives of the opposite sex.

Representatives of Cancers are awaiting for a unique opportunity to build a balance between family and work. You, will find common ground with your loved one, discuss problems, and improve the microclimate in the family. Also the beginning of the week will be most favorable. But already from June 14th till June 17th, the private life temporarily will be lost, so romantic feats will not bring special results. Have time to establish harmony in a pair until Thursday.

From June 14th to June 17th, your feelings will sharpen and make you react painfully to the criticism of the loved one. Try to control emotions, most of the problems this week will be far-fetched. Try to cool your temper and understand that a loved one is not going to offend or upset you. Just between you, a misunderstanding has accumulated, with which it is high time to say goodbye. It will be easy to negotiate with your partner. Lonely Leo this week will be affected by impatience, which, by the way, will help to approach the desired goal.


Virgo may experience vague discontent and irritation. It is possible that a loved one at this stage will not be able to take care of you and pay attention. This development of relations can make you angry. However, do not take out anger on relatives, try to fix the established contact. For lonely representatives of this Sign is a green light: take the initiative in your hands and show interest in an attractive person – everything will be brilliant.

You will feel a positive effect on your feelings and relationships. A loved one or potential partner will be predisposed to do something important for you this week. Perhaps you do not immediately understand or notice this romantic gesture, but be sure to find words of gratitude. But refuse from criticism at the beginning of the week. Obsessive thoughts can visit you, which, of course, must be immediately thrown aside.

The week will be positive for all Scorpios. Finally, the relationship with a loved one will bear fruit, although it will be expressed (at least for the first time) not in feelings, so happiness may seem unobvious. Listen to your self this week: the most important thing is what happens inside, something you do not tell anyone. Lonely Scorpios, you should not sit out on the sidelines – start to show activity and invite for a date the person you like. You will have strength and ideas, how to pick the key to any heart.

The week will be favorable for those who are looking for happiness, soul mate or patrons. Be sure to use your creative abilities and strengths of character, because now your trump card is creativity and surprise. In every way, focus on yourself, emphasize your personality, fascinate people.


In the week of June 11th to 17th, you will have courage, strength and determination in love. Therefore, the upcoming week is not to use sin for carrying out the wildest desires and ambitious goals. Lonely Capricorn are advised to not miss a single opportunity: now the wind blows into your sails. If it is difficult, Saturn’s support will come to the rescue – together with this patron you will become invincible and very attractive to the opposite sex.

You will have the strength to experiment and violate the prohibitions in dealing with your soul mate. However, be cautious and postpone risky adventures at the beginning of the week. But the lonely representatives of Aquarius this week are recommended to exercise caution and not to shine with bold proposals and ideas to the opposite sex.

The beginning of the week will be especially good for you. Single Pisces will have the opportunity to meet with “soul mate. ” If you are still unhappy in a relationship, then be open to new acquaintances. For those who are in the relationship should be careful in the second half of the week and on the weekend. Try not to squat on a loved one: avoid slippery topics and painful criticism. And you and your partner at this stage request for another: for care, warmth, tenderness and special spiritual intimacy.

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