Love horoscope for a week from July 9th to July 15th, 2018

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Love problems very often take us by surprise. To avoid this, use the advice of astrologers. Week from July 9th to July15th, can be a good time for romance.


For raising your spirit this week is recommended as often as possible to be with those you love. Avoid seclusion in any ways. Starting on Tuesday, the love successes will be more tangible. You are advised, in these seven days to enjoy life and not to change people who are dear to you.


Allow yourself a little selfishness in matters relating to love. Live a little for yourself, give yourself more freedom. Do not ask your loved ones and your soul mate for anything that you yourself are not ready to give to people in a relationship. Monday will be a great day for new acquaintances. Successful for love adventures will also be on July 12th and 13th. In these days, try to be as often as possible among people, avoiding solitude. Do not take categorical and hasty decisions, because surviving the separation will not be easy.


Monday and Thursday are the most successful days in the sphere of love for Gemini. A creative approach to new acquaintances will open new doors for you. There may be a feeling of insecurity in your abilities, but it will quickly pass if you do not delay your attention on the negative. On Thursday, try to avoid jealousy.


If in your life there is a black stripe, then on the love sphere this may not be reflected in the best way. The probability that everything will go wrong, as you need, will increase on July 12th and 14th. In these days, try to smooth out any conflicts between you and your soul mate. Any important joint business should be postponed on other days. You can feel a sharp energy recession, so spend your energy according to priorities.


Learn to manage your emotions. This week, any, even the smallest conflict can lead to the fact that you lose mutual understanding with dear people. On Monday, Thursday and Friday try not to argue with others. Love success can turn away from one who will bend his line, forgetting about the interests of loved ones. In order not to get confused in a relationship, be as diplomatic and attentive as possible.


Your worst character traits can cause love breaks, disputes, quarrels and conflicts. Keep your leadership in the relationship if you feel that you have a leading role in your hands. Watch your emotions, show generosity. Self-love does not lead to good, especially if you are now in search of love. On July 9th and 12th, you are most likely to defeat your complexes, arrogance and vanity, which pull you down.


From Tuesday, your deep feelings can come to the surface. It goes without saying that this will become a serious obstacle for achieving a love success. Do not reject the attempts of close people to help you understand your thoughts. In your subconscious you can open some hidden processes that prevent you from making new acquaintances.


In love you can lose all enthusiasm, but at the same time on July 12th and 14th, you will be lucky. There are three secrets of happiness for every Zodiac Sign. To you these secrets can be opened to the full only on Saturday and Thursday. The remaining days threaten to lead to a meaningless wandering through the dark labyrinth of problems and doubts. Trust the dangerous days to your love intuition.


Learn to control emotions so that you do not stay alone. Close people can meet with negative emotional outbursts, announcing a boycott. Do not put ultimatums this week, don’t be capricious and depressed. Mood swings will be the most dangerous on July 9th and 12th. By keeping balance in love affairs, Sagittarius will get to the target more correctly.


Negative attitudes can ruin your relationship . Try to think positively, abstracting from everything that makes you worry. This week, your enemies can rumor about you, which will badly affect your love successes. False information can spread very quickly on Monday and Wednesday, do not give unnecessary cause for conversations behind your back and gossips. Beware of conflicts, because they can make you take a reckless step in love.


Aquarius this week is worth thinking about their vices and weaknesses. They can become unmanageable on July 12th and 14th, so love luck will be in question. If you wanted to change the situation with your soul mate, now is the time for this. Do not worry about it, if you can listen to the sixth sense and intuition. But the advice of people around you is useless this week.


Luck in love will smile for Pisces this week. All the days will be favorable for you, except Saturday and Sunday. If you are in doubt about whether you are suitable each for other, check your love compatibility. Otherwise, listen to your heart. Avoid rudeness and stubbornness in love.

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