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Is your Zodiac sign Libra? Or maybe your loved one is, or someone in your family or friends? This is a great possibility to know your self or them better.

A characteristic feature of all Libra is their duality. Inside their minds there is a constant struggle. It is common for them to doubt and think long before making a decision. Often they are insecure. However, Libra is inclined to overcome all problems and doubts independently. Libra does not like to listen to anyone’s advice, even if they really do not know what to do in this situation. They do not tolerate pressure even from close people. It is important for them to come to the right decision.

We must believe in Libra, then they can become more determined and self-confident. In an atmosphere of conflict and misunderstanding, Libra feels uncomfortable. They tend to the pursuit of justice and personal freedom. Representatives of this sign of the Zodiac can never cross the principles to achieve the goal. They will not go over others heads to achieve what they want. Libra is endowed with childlike naivety and perseverance. They do not like aggression and display of anger. All the important issues they seek to solve by peaceful settlement.

Possessing tact, politeness and excellent diplomatic abilities, Libra can always achieve its goal. For defeats and failures, they look philosophically. They are not dejected. People of the constellation Libra always try to analyze their actions, to calculate all the wrong actions and draw conclusions. Before starting any serious business, Libra is trying to calculate a few steps forward. Their strategic thinking helps to avoid an unpleasant turn of events.

In relations with people, Libra requires respect and sympathy. They are sociable and tactful. In a family, Libra can not live without love and understanding. They quickly become attached to people. Love and respect are the main elements in the relationship for Libra.

Libra is very sensitive to the outside world. Because of such vulnerability, they may experience not only stress, but also serious diseases. The most vulnerable places in their body are the kidneys, intestines and bladder. In addition, Libra is prone to allergies. Women of this constellation should carefully select cosmetics to avoid the rash. To ensure that the body does not fail, Libra should often go out in the fresh air, avoid sources of stress and depression, and engage in physical education. Libra is able to feel the disease at the stage of their appearance. However, not all representatives of this sign of the Zodiac attach importance to the signals of their body.

To strengthen health, Libra needs to eat right. They are recommended to use dairy products, fish and lean meat. Also Libra should often drink water. It will restore the body, give vivacity and activity. In food, Libra should avoid foods that are high in sugar and starch. To maintain a tonus, Libra is recommended to play sports. In this case, they should avoid heavy loads on the body.

In the work of Libra, they manifest themselves as active and purposeful people. They are by no means innovators. But they are not inclined to conservatism. If the representatives of this sign of the Zodiac take on something new, then they think over everything to the last detail. They do not like to rely on “at random” and approach every business with all responsibility. Libra like to work in a team. They always try to be on good terms with colleagues, can help in the work and give advice. However, they also like to work in complete solitude. This can be explained by the propensity for individualism.

If Libra takes the position of a subordinate in his activity, then the leader can fully trust the representative of this sign of the Zodiac. Libra is always serious about what they are doing. They will do their best to achieve the desired result. Moving along the career ladder, Libra does not forget about moral principles and life beliefs. It is not peculiar for them to substitute colleagues for their own benefit.

Representatives of this constellation achieve success in their work only at the expense of their perseverance and diligence. Libra, occupying a leading position require from the employees discipline and organization. They are excellent strategists, always pondering the nuances before making a decision. In relation to subordinates, Libra leaders are fairly loyal. They do not tend to raise their voices and put their colleagues in an awkward position.

The spheres of activity in which representatives of this constellation can manifest themselves are very many. Possessing tact and ability to achieve in communication with people, Libra can well become successful diplomats, lawyers and sellers. They are able to convince and find an approach to a person. These abilities they can perfectly realize in trade and business.

The passion for analysis and flexible thinking gives rise in Libra to a propensity for exact and humanitarian sciences. Among Libra there are many teachers, scientists and researchers. Libra also has a tendency to the art. They can perfectly show their talents in the actor’s field. Also Libra fit the profession of a designer, artist, writer, journalist.

Libra does not seek to enrich itself. Money for them is a way to live free and to realize their dreams. They are not demanding in everyday life and food, so their lifestyle can not be called chic. Sometimes Libra treat its finances very casually. They can easily lend money and forget about it. However, if Libra borrows money, then they give the money back on time. For Libra, it is peculiar to spend finances at will. They rarely deny themselves anything. However, the people of this constellation almost never remain empty pockets, as they plan their incomes in advance. Disparaging Libra refers to bank deposits. It is easier for them to keep their savings at home than to get involved in paperwork for an agreement with the bank.

To attract good luck, Libra should choose stones that correspond to their internal state and character. Malachite will suit those Libra, who linked their lives with art. This stone gives its owner peace of mind, harmony and charm. He is able to strengthen creative data.

Aquamarine will help Libra cope with his changing mood. Also, this stone is excellent for those involved in the field of diplomacy. Aquamarine contributes to the resolution of conflicts, tense situations and helps to find an approach to people. You can carry a stone with you to business negotiations and meetings.

Amethyst promotes the development of intuition, memory and intelligence. This stone helps with learning new knowledge and promotes learning. In addition, amethyst is endowed with medicinal properties. It can favorably affect the endocrine system and the kidneys.

Beryl, opal and tourmaline favorably affect the balance of Libra. These stones affect the volatile nature of Libra. They are able to moderate the doubts and indecisive nature of representatives of this constellation. Beryl copes with negative emotions, bestows optimism and faith in himself. Opal contributes to the correct distribution of the energy of Libra. This stone gives vivacity, activity and neutralizes laziness, boredom and impotence. Tourmaline gives Libra a positive energy and balances the dual character of this sign of the Zodiac. These stones will help to find peace of mind, and their owner will be able to control their emotions and mood.

The talisman of the Zodiac sign of Libra is the heart. It is a symbol of energy and life. Such a talisman gives Libra determination and a desire to gain new knowledge. Suitable Libra and talismans of Japanese and Greek symbols. Success and joy will be brought to them by talismans in the form of a frog, Amor and the eyes of God Odin. Also, the image of the scales is considered the amulet of this constellation. This is their essence and the reflection of their character. This talisman will strengthen the positive qualities of Libra and contribute to pacifying the negative influence from the outside world.

The spectrum of Libra’s colors is quite diverse. The blue color emphasizes the belonging of this sign of the Zodiac to the elements of Air. This color speaks of reliability, intelligence and prudence. He helps Libra to be in a harmonious state, regulates mood changes and gives insight. Lemon color is responsible for optimistic mood, cheerfulness and perseverance. Light shades of yellow give rise to responsiveness, creative inclinations, openness and sociability. Green color is able to give Libra confidence in their abilities. This color makes a person representative, reliable and businesslike. He gives Libra a positive energy and reduces the degree of suspiciousness.

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