Jupiter starts its retrograde movement on April 10th and will continue to August 11th, 2019

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Jupiter will start its retrograde movement today, on April 10th in its own sign – Sagittarius. We all, without a doubt, fall under the influence of retrograde Jupiter. So for some of you were will be good news, for some – unpredictable twists of fate and dangerous situations.

Jupiter will turn over on April 10th in its own sign Sagittarius, which foreshadows promising opportunities in the field of career, relationships and spiritual growth. Retrograde Jupiter will remove the barriers that have held us back for a long time and will restore justice.

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Up to August 11th, 2019, the positive influence of the retrograde planet will last, which will help in overcoming exciting problems, in expanding the range of possibilities, attaining some kind of stability and laying a solid foundation. At the time of the retrograde Jupiter, some of you should move forward as much as possible, therefore, from April 10th to August 11th, maximum successes and achievements are possible. The main advice for everyone is to gather all the will into a fist and move towards the target, not paying attention to negative trends.


Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

Aries, Leo, and Aquarius

These three Zodiac signs will be able to extract benefit from retrograde Jupiter. Representatives of these Zodiac constellations will enjoy the favor of the giant planet. Jupiter will bring them an echo of the past so that they can correct mistakes, and then go ahead without difficulty. Spiritual quest will be crowned with success – you will succeed in finding your place in life, expanding your abilities, and putting your strength into the training of talents and abilities that will allow you to achieve success in the future.

The period of retrograde Jupiter for Aries, Leo and Aquarius is a time of new discoveries, insights, and self-improvement. At this time, many answers will be received to long-asked questions, and past events will gather in one picture. This is a chance to put everything in its place, both in your own thoughts and in your own life.


Taurus, Scorpio, and Capricorn

For you, this will be the most difficult time. The surge in activity of the antagonist foreshadows a barrage of emotions that will overwhelm them and lead the wrong way. Try not to rush in decision making, as well as, forget about relying on intuition, and use your past experience in solving large-scale tasks. Jupiter’s retrograde period will not be a crisis, but it will require caution and careful analysis of events. Decisions at this time should be made deliberately, without giving in to emotional impulses, otherwise, the flow of failures will drag to the bottom.

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Many cases can be paused, which will bring it out of balance. However, there will be a chance to get everything back to normal. If you will begin to control your mood, you will not only get rid of the problems but also make your lives better.


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Gemini, Virgo and Libra

For you, there is going to be chaos. Events will take shape unpredictably, but only in order to bring the representatives of these Signs on a straight road. Try to dream less about the future and look back more – a lot will require detailed analysis in order to choose the only right one from numerous options. The most important thing is to deal with your desires and understand what you really expect from life.

Jupiter will strengthen such qualities as impulsiveness, egocentrism, conservatism, excessive self-confidence. It is with this that it is necessary to fight by all available means. It is important not to look at your failures as something terrible and not to look for the guilty, because Jupiter will prepare for something more, for something special and very important. The advice for you is to adopt positive thinking and make it a useful habit.


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Cancer, Sagittarius, and Pisces

You can be visited by your self-doubt, confusion, or, conversely, unfounded self-reliance. Attracting happiness into your life at this time will not be easy, because the emotional slides are waiting for the representatives of these signs. If you are ready to learn, change and play by the rules of the Universe, the patron planet will respond with support, giving a chance to simplify your lives, go back to past mistakes and correct them.

Retro Jupiter will force you to analyze your past: to fix something, and leave something in it forever. For you, this is a time of immersion in oneself, a period of spiritual growth and the search for answers to interesting questions. If in the past any chances were missed, then Jupiter will allow you to take your full share.

During the period of influence of retrograde Jupiter, we all have to push our main life principles a little to one side and introduce new thoughts and new tasks into our lives so that they become a source of motivation for us. Happy at this time not to become, if not to analyze the past and not to correct mistakes. All the most beautiful things await us in the future, and the task of retrograde Jupiter is to prepare us for this happy future.

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