It's amazing what the shape of your hand can tell about your personality!

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The lines on your palms are not the only thing you can use to determine your personality and temperament. The shape of your palm and the length of your fingers can also tell a lot!

Let’s look at each type and find out what it all means!

Form number 1 – fire

Hands “Fire” are characterized by a large palm and short fingers. The shorter the fingers, the more stubborn this person is.

People who have such hands are passionate and natural leaders. They make decisions very quickly, and this can be exactly what is required when working in a team!

Form number 2 – water

Such hands have a narrow oblong palm shape, combined with very long fingers.

Holders of such hands, as a rule, are very inventive people with a flexible personality. Also these people are very romantic and sensitive.

People with such hands are interested in music, poetry and so on. They usually do well in a job that involves caring for others, it can be charity or spiritual leadership!

Form number 3 – earth

The type of “earthly” hand is characterized by square palms and very short fingers. They say that people with this type are very responsible. Security and stability are their top priorities.

When it comes to emotions, people with earthly hands are often quiet and peaceful.

Form number 4 – air

Such hands have a rectangular or square palm. The fingers are about the same length as the palm.

Such hands indicate a high level of intelligence and communication skills. Those who have such hands also tend to work too hard. This can make them seem completely detached from the outside world.

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